Astra, the new Agent of Valorant

Astra is Valorant's new Agent. She is a controller from Ghana who uses the power of the stars to handicap her enemies wherever they may be.

Astra's gameplay is particularly original and will require an excellent sense of timing, as well as a lot of communication with allies.

Astra's abilities

Astral Form

Valorant - Astra - Cosmic Division

It's not like it's everyday, we can't introduce this new Agent without talking about her ultimate ability first. Indeed, all of Astra's abilities are linked to the first effect of her Ultimate: Astral Form.

By pressing X, Astra changes to an astral shape. Her body remains on the ground, but the player's vision is projected into the air. From there, Astra can fly over the whole map and see her allies. On the other hand, she can't see her enemies.

Astra, the new agent of Valorant - valorant news agent astra stars -

In this form, Astra can place up to 5 stars wherever she wants, with a single shot. These stars allow her to use her other abilities.

Press X again and you're back in Astra's body, where you left it. Be careful while you are in Astral Form, Astra's body is vulnerable, as if you were flying a drone. Astra can neither see nor hear the enemies around her body.

Switching to Astral Form does not require Ultimate points.

Astra's Stars

Valorant - Astra - Stars

200 credits – 5 charges

These stars placed under Astral Form allow the use of Astra's other abilities. Astra's different skills are activated by aiming at a star, regardless of the distance and the obstacles between them, by pressing the button corresponding to the desired ability. She can activate her abilities in both Astral Form and human form.

During the buying phase, you can't buy Astra's abilities, only her stars. Astra starts each round with 2 stars available, but can buy up to 5. Each star costs 200 credits. If Astra is out of stars, a cooldown allows her to get one back.

Allies and enemies can see the stars, but can't destroy them.

Gravity Well

Valorant - Astra - Gravity Well

1 use every 15 seconds

The ability Gravity Well transforms the targeted star into a small vortex. It attracts all the players to its centre and then explodes. The explosion does no damage, but weakens those who have been hit for a few seconds.

Astra, the new agent of Valorant - valorant news agent astra vortex -

The force of attraction of the vortex is strong enough to slow players down but not to prevent them from moving out of its range.

Gravity Well moves players looking to put the Spike down. However, it cannot prevent the Spike from being defused.

Nova Pulse

Valorant - Astra - Impulse Nova

1 use every 15 seconds

Using Nova Pulse explodes the targeted star. Players caught in the explosion are slowed down and disoriented (the field of vision is limited and the rate of fire is greatly reduced).


Valorant - Astra - Nebula

2 uses every 15 seconds

Upon activation, the star targeted by Astra becomes a Nebula. This is a smoke generator to Omen's, which does not restrict within the area of effect.

The smoke remains active for about 15 seconds. It can be used very easily to create one-ways, thanks to the precision of Astral Form.


Astra can remotely retrieve her stars that have not yet been used by pressing F. The star then disappears from the ground, leaving a fake Nebula behind it for a very short period of time.

Cosmic Divide

Valorant - Astra - Cosmic Division

7 Ultimate points

In Astral Form, the right click of Astra allows her to prepare her ultimate ability: Cosmic Divide. She then places two points anywhere on the map. Cosmic Divide will create a veil cutting the map in two, along the line formed by the two chosen points.

Astra, the new agent of Valorant - valorant news agent astra ultimate -

Cosmic Divide blocks vision and absorb shots of all players for 20 seconds. Sounds are also muffled by the barrier. However, players can pass through it. Abilities also pass through the veil.

For more details on Astra's skills and how to play it effectively, see our Astra guide.

Astra will be available on Wednesday, at the launch of Act 2 of the Episode 2, during patch 2.04.