Presentation of Ascent, the new Valorant map

On the occasion of the release ofAscent, the new map of Valorant available since patch 1.0, let's look around the map. It must be said that Ascent is a very special map, which has major differences from others. Let's see what it has in store for us!

Welcome on Ascent!

Ascent is map based on the city of lovers. However, it leaves gondolas in Venice, since there are no water canals. An explosion seems to have propelled in the sky the environment where the action takes place.

Valorant: Map Ascent

In terms of gameplay, Ascent brings very interesting things. With two bomb sites connected by a corridor and a central square, its construction seems quite classic. And it's far from being the case.

Ascent specifities

Ascent is a more open map any other seen so far. There are very few obstacles or crates placed in the middle of passages or large spaces. The central plaza, in particular, is probably the area with the least places to hide. This place is likely to be the scene of direct long-distance confrontation.

Valorant: Ascent - Central Square

Most of Ascent's corridors are very long and just as clear. Players who can afford an Operator should have fun. As if to compensate for this, the corridors are a bit wider than usual. This should give free more movement freedom to players targeted by a sniper.

Valorant: Ascent - Operator

There are also many dead ans and closed corners, especially around the bomb site A. An alcove on the Attackers way should allow Defenders to do nice bluffs. Attackers will have to inspect the area, but to do so, they will have to pass in front of the entrance road to the site, and then reveal their presence to Defenders. Similarly, we find at the bottom of site A a kind of garage in which it's very easy to hide to defend the site. The downside is that these places are dead-ends and a grenade or a smoke completely neutralises them.

Valorant: Ascent - Hangar

Note also the appearance of a window, the first of Valorant. The reflections of the sun prevent players below from clearly seeing what's hidden behind, unlike players at height. Of course, it makes noise when it's broken.

Finally, the most interesting specificity of Ascent is the presence of armoured gates which can be activated. Some entrances to the bomb sites can then be closed thanks to an iron curtain. The switches are always placed on the Defender side. They then force the Attackers to turn around or come in using force by emptying their magazines on it.

Bomb Site A

Bomb site A is quite small and clearly gives the advantage to Defenders. From the balcony, they have a breathtaking view of the entire site, even if they can't really find shelter. The only blind spot can be offset by lowering the iron curtain, which blocks one of the two entrances to the site.

Bomb Site B

Bomb site B is very similar to the Valorant training map. It's therefore divided into three parallel spaces separated by large walls which can form as many different lines of defense. On the front line, the Defenders have the option of blocking one of the entrances with an iron curtain, leaving only one attacking voice. In the backline, Defenders can once again hide in a hangar, at the risk of being trapped there. Unlike Bomb Site A, Attackers have the height advantage on site B.