Premier, the new competitive system of Valorant to access the VCT

Riot Games has announced the upcoming launch of Premier, its all new competitive system designed for teams of five players who want to qualify for the VCT.

Until now, the gateway to Valorant competitions has been through open qualifying tournaments. In France, for example, we had the famous VALOTF which we had the pleasure to organize in 2021. But these tournaments will disappear in favour of Premier, a system 100% integrated in Valorant client.

Like a clan in other games, you will be able to form a team of players, choose a name and a tag for it and participate regularly in competitive matches against other teams. For the moment, it will be weekly matches. Meeting dates, maps and opponents are set by the system.

By winning enough matches, you can be invited to a knockout tournament. The winners of these tournaments will be those who can challenge the worst teams in the Valorant Challengers Series and hope to take their place at the VCT.

The Premier system will be rolled out in a beta version during Act 3 of episode 6 (i.e. around May).

The arrival of Premier is in line with Riot Games' aim to make its competitions more accessible by breaking down barriers to entry. It should make it easier for a talented player to get noticed.

Similar steps were taken on League of Legends with Clash mode and on Legends of Runeterra with seasonal tournaments. Maybe in a few years, the champions of Valorant will be players who started on Premier? Only time will tell.