Pokémon The Turquoise Mask: capturing Favianos, Félicanis and Fortusimia

The new region available with The Turquoise Mask DLC of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Septentria, contains three singular Pokémon nicknamed the Adoramis by the locals. In this guide, we explain how to beat and capture Favianos, Félicanis and Fortusimia.

Your journey through Septentria will take you to each of these three Pokémon once, but only to battle them and recover the Masks they stole from Ogerpon. You will only be able to capture the Adoramis if you have completed the main story of the DLC.In other words, by capturing Ogerpon himself and completing the orienteering race. Our dedicated guides will be arriving shortly.

Note that Adoramis do not have a Shiny shape. So there's no need to keep re-running battles to discover an alternative form.

Adorami locations

Location of Adoramis in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask

Fortusimia in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask

When you visit the Forbidden Cave (following the story), you face Fortusimia for the first time. It is level 70 and Poison/Psy types. Use Darkness, Ground and Spectre attacks to defeat it more easily.

At this point, you must return to Jaderaude to continue your quest. When you have completed this section of the story, set off for the south-western part of Septentria for another duel with the Legend Pokémon.

Fortusimia - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Poison/Psy types

Taking on the giant Fortusimia

Fortusimia has taken refuge in Etang des Glycines following your last confrontation. As you can see, it's grown a few centimetres... and it's even stronger. Roseille is here to support you in this battle. At this stage, you can collect the Mask of the Wellwhich must then be returned to Ogerpon.

Capturing Fortusimia

As mentioned above, you need to complete the main story. to capture Fortusimia and his two companions. If that's the case, return to Etang des Glycines to face him a third and final time. It's in the same location. We recommend that you save your Pokéball before starting the battle. It would be a shame to kill it without having time to throw your Pokéball...

Félicanis in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask

Unlike Fortusimia, you won't have fought Félicanis yet before taking on his giant form. This Adoramis is also from level 70but has the Poison and Combat types. Don't forget to take Pokémon with Ground and Flying-type attacks to take it down easily.

Felicanis - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Poison/Combat types

Taking on the giant Félicanis

After your confrontation with Fortusimia in front of the Forbidden Den, Félicanis fled the area. He's holed up in the far north-west of Septentria, in the la Lande de la Quiétude. So this is your new destination. Roseille will be lending you a hand in this battle. After the fight, you can pick up the Mask of Stone and return it to Ogerpon in due course.

Capturing Félicanis

As a reminder, you cannot capture Félicanis once the main story has been completed, i.e. after you've defeated Ogerpon. If you've reached this stage, you can return to the location of your fight with FélicanisHe's still there. This time you face him in a normal battle. Don't forget to save before the duel: if you eliminate him, there won't be another attempt to capture him.

Favianos in Pokémon The Turquoise Mask

You don't come face to face with Favianos for the first time until you take on his giant version, just as you do with Félicanis. Favianos is level 70 and has Poison and Fairy types. You'll need to use ground, steel or psychic attacks to get the better of them.

Favianos - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon Violet and Scarlet
Poison/Fairy types

Taking on the giant Favianos

To get your hands on the giant Favianosyou must join Gorge de la Cornewhich lies to the north-east of Lac Cristallin, at the top of Mont Strueux. Once you're near, start the fight - Roseille will support you. As soon as he is defeated, Favanios flees. All you have to do is pick up le Masque du Fourneau.

Capturing Favianos

Once you've completed the main quest, you can retrace your steps to capture Favianos. Favianos is still in the Gorge de la Corne. To capture it, simply battle it like any other Pokémon. We therefore strongly advise you to save before engaging in hostilities, at the risk of missing your chance to add him to your team.