Valorant Premier mode schedule - Act 3 Episode 7

The new segment Premier mode is about to begin. If you want to have a chance of taking part in the play-off tournament and winning unique rewards, you'll need to take part in a number of different matches. We give you general planning of Act 3 of Episode 7and how to register if you are taking part for the first time.

How do I register for Premier mode?

/!\ : The registration phase for next season is not yet open. We will add this information later. EDIT: You have until 1 November to register for the session.

To take part in Premier mode, you need to create or join a team of 5 to 7 people. To do this, you need to you must be eligible. If necessary, you will need to verify your account with your phone number and send the code received by text message, as well as complete your placement matches in Competitive mode, if you have never done so before. You can check your status in the Premier tab of the main menu.

You can create your own team in Valorant's Premier mode

If everything is in order, click on Create a teamthen follow the instructions. Then choose your symbol. You can always change the colours later.

You can invite players to your team in Valorant's Premier Mode

Once you have completed this step, you can invite players to your teamor leave it if you wish to join that of another member of the community. Note that it is not possible to take part in the current season in two different teams.

You can find all the information you need about your future matches in the dedicated Hub.

Calendar for the Western Europe region - Act 3 Episode 7

Each Premier mode segment is divided into two phases, the weekly match phase and then the play-off tournament. During Act 3 of Episode 7, the regular season extends to from 1 November to 16 Novemberwhile the final tournament is scheduled for 17 November.

Below you will find overall planningas well as the maps that will be played each week:

  • Week 1 - Wednesday 1 to Sunday 5 November - Split matches
  • Week 2 - Wednesday 8 to Sunday 12 November - Matches on Sunset
  • Week 3 - Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 November - Matches on Ascent
  • Week 4 - Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 November - Matches on Breeze
  • Week 5 - Wednesday 29 November to 3 December - Matches on Bind
  • Week 6 - Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 December - Matches on Lotus
  • Week 7 - Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 December - Matches on Haven
  • Play-off tournament - Sunday 17 December
Valorant Premier mode schedule - Act 3 Episode 7
Date of the Valorant Premier Mode playoff tournament - Act 3 Episode 7

Premier changes during Act 3

The aim is to make Premier mode more enjoyable for players, but also fairer, Riot Games to implement a number of changes with the third Act of the current episode. We feel it's important to remind you of two of the major new features, especially if you took part in the previous session.

During this new Premier mode segment, you and your team can take part in training matches. The advantage is that you can prepare yourself in real conditions, since they use the same structure as official matches. Note that they do not allow you to win or lose points. They therefore have no no influence on your Premier score. Riot Games has not said exactly when these meetings will take place, but has indicated that they will be held outside the competition dates.

The other point we wanted to address concerns the way in which matches are played. From now on, you will have a timeout during each phaseThere's also a break during extra time. This way, you can easily discuss your strategy for maintaining the upper hand over your opponents, or think of a way to regain control of the match.