Pick and ban system, Valorant series... Game Developers FAQ

In a new article published on 19th May on the official website of Valorant, the developers of the game took the time to answer the questions most often asked by the community in a kind of FAQ. So what can we expect in the coming months on the FPS from Riot Games?

Pick and ban system

It's a question that many players have been eagerly awaiting an answer to. Will there soon be a pick system and ban in Valorant? Well, according to Jon Walker, designer of the competitive mode, this is a feature that won't see the light of day for some time. He admits that he sees the potential for such a system and that it is currently in the works, but it is not currently a priority for the developers.

This is not something we're currently planning for regular Competitive queue play, because at this time we really want to reinforce learning how to play all maps (instead of always avoiding specific ones).

Jon Walker - Competition Mode Designer

Send gifts to other players

This was already discussed in July 2020 at the Your questions about Valorant N°3. Will it soon be possible tosend gifts to other players, as is already the case in League of Legends? Normally, this feature was supposed to be released at the end of 2020. However, its creation has been postponed in order to work on much more important updates.

Almost two years later, it seems that nothing has been started yet. According to Stephen Kraman, product manager, the goal is to find a more complete way to implement this system in Valorant. No date has been given, but it is certain that players will one day be able to offer content to their friends.

A replay mode

Also in Your questions about Valorant N°3, the developers had also mentioned the idea of one day having a replay mode in the game. At the time, Senior Producer Steven Eldredge indicated that this was a feature that the game teams would soon be working on. Two years later, he tells us this time that no replay mode is planned at the moment. Just like the pick and ban system, replay mode is not an essential element and the developers prefer to work on more important features at the moment.

We know this is a frequently requested feature from all types of players. Our exploration is continuous against developing our other VALORANT features (like new ways to track and reward Agent progress, player behavior tools, different ways to collect in-game items)—all to measure what makes the most sense to prioritize based on what serves the most players and has the most long term impact on game health.

Steven Eldredge - Producer

A look back at the AFK reports

As you may have noticed, you don't receive feedback on your AFK player reports. This does not mean that AFKs are not sanctioned. At the moment, the only feedback you get is on reports of toxic players in chat or voice. However, the Player Social Dynamics team say they are working towards providing you with feedback on sanctions for AFK players. There is no exact date yet on when this feature will be available, but it should probably be in the next few months.

A Valorant series like Arcane?

This is probably one of the questions that has been asked the most in recent months after the release of Arcane, the series that follows the adventures of League of Legends characters. Will Valorant get its own series? Well, it's a project that the whole game team would like to see come to fruition one day. But realistically, it's clearly not going to happen anytime soon.

League of Legends is a game that has been around for over a decade now, and its developers have had a lot of time to create a rich universe and lore. This is not yet the case with Valorant, and its designers want to achieve the same thing first before embarking on a project of Arcane's scale.

From the outset, we set out to create an expansive universe with depth of characters to support any potential future experiences that we believe players would want, including premium entertainment. BUT…don't expect anything too soon. We’re going to remain hyper-focused on the game for quite some time and we have plenty we still want to do to keep expanding the universe in support of VALORANT the game.

David Nottingham - Creative Director

Perhaps the FPS will one day have its own series, but it will not be for several years. So we'll have to be patient before we see Jett, Skye or Chamber on Netflix.