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Perspective issues in Patch 1.0

It seems that patch 1.0 is not free from small issues. While the Patch Notes mention the correction of hit registration issues which had stained the end of the beta a little, here's a new big problem: issues in perspective advantage.

The perspective advantage consists in positioning yourself to see a part of the opponent's body behind a corner, while the opponent can't see you hidden behind the wall. This is usually not a bug, but a simple matter of geometry.

Valorant: Perspective Advantage
This is what classic perspective advantage looks like

The problem occurring on the current patch is quite different. Currently, a player can completely see an opponent from the corners of a wall, without the opponent being able to even suspect their position. Example in screenshots:

In the images above, the two players are standing still. However, the player of Sova can entirely see Sage, while Sage has her vision obstructed by two walls. The Sova player therefore have an advantage over Sage, since he can clearly headshot her.

This issue can be explained by two things:

  • There's a problem of synchronisation between the real position of the player and the position sent to other players.
  • There's a problem with the placement of the camera relative to Agent models.

In either case, it's a concern that we hope will be resolved quickly, or many players will die without understanding why. This kind of situation tends to make you think, wrongly, that the opposite player is cheating.