Overtime in Ranked Games

The Patch 1.03 was quite poor in content, but Riot had actually forgotten to write down the most important part. There are big changes on how the overtime works in ranked games.

Until now, the Valorant ranked games were in Sudden Death format. When the score of a game reached 12 – 12, the winner was the one winning the 13th. This system gave the Attacking team or the Defenders team an advantage, depending on the map and the composition of the team.

Everything has changed, as Riot explained shortly after the patch was released.

All this has been changed in favour of overtime. From now on, a difference of two points is required to win a game. This means that in case of overtime, teams must win one round in Defense and one round in Attack to win the game. Both teams start each round with 5000 credits and 4 Ultimate points.

The games can theoretically last indefinitely! To limit this kind of scenario, an automatic vote will be launched every two rounds. This vote allow the two teams to decide if they agree to end on a tie. In the event of a tie, the two teams can gain ranked, but not lose it, which should suit both sides.

This new system should make the competitive games fairer, while promising great show in terms of esports.

You can consult the details of the Patch 1.03 on the official website of Valorant.