Outlaw, the new Valorant weapon available with Episode 8

At the start of this year, Riot Games is making one revelation after another about Valorant. A short while ago, the studio said the return of Icebox and presented Future changes at Lotus. Today, the company is talking about a new weapon, probably a sniper rifle called Outlaw.

A new sniper in Valorant

Since the launch of Valorant, no weapons have been added to the game. At the same time, it's not an easy thing to do, as there are so many parameters to take into account; one slip-up and the game could suffer. But with a new weapon comes renewed interest. So it's hardly surprising that Riot Games is taking the plunge!

Outlaw, new weapon in Valorant
Outlaw, the new sniper rifle from Valorant

Valorant X accounts teases Episode 8 for a few days now. The latest publication even mentions a presentation stream, which will take place on 8 January, the start date of the next Act. And that's the one we're interested in here, since the content of the post talks about a new weapon.

A closer look at the visuals reveals that Omen is wielding an unfamiliar weapon. What strikes us directly is the fact that she has a telescope. So there's no doubt about it, it's really about a new sniper rifle.

What's more, Riot Games even provides us with the name of the latter - deliberate choice or simple oversight - in the description of the image. It reads "Omen is in the middle looking through the scope of the Outlaw with Sova to his lower left and Iso to his right, which translates as "Omen is in the centre, looking through the Outlaw's scope, with Sova on his left, below, and Iso on his right". The Agent therefore uses a rifle called Outlaw !

Riot Games has revealed the name of Valorant's new Sniper via X. It's called Outlaw.

What can we expect from Valorant's new weapon?

Valorant already features two Snipers, the Marshal and the Operator. The addition of this new rifle brings the total to three. The question is: how does this weapon differ from the other two?

On the one hand, there's the Marshal, a light, fast, inexpensive rifle whose damage leaves something to be desired in certain situations, and on the other, there's the Operator, a heavy, very slow, expensive rifle capable of eliminating an opponent with a single bullet almost every time.


  • Rapid fire: 1.5 bullets/s
  • 5 bullets in the magazine
  • Head: 202 / Body: 101 / Legs: 85
  • Good precision without a telescope
  • 850 credits


  • Slow fire: 0.6 bullets/s
  • 5 bullets in the magazine
  • Head: 255 / Body: 150 / Legs: 120
  • Poor precision without a telescope
  • 4700 credits

For the time being, Riot Games has refrained from giving any information about the Outlaw. However, on the assumption that the developers wished to created an in-between (the most appropriate choice), we can make some assumptions.

Since one of the rifles already available is very affordable, at 850 credits, and the other particularly expensive, at 4,700 credits, we can assume that the new Sniper will be priced somewhere in the middle, around 3,000 credits. If certain leaks are to be believed, the exact price would be 2,400 credits.

Let's face it, for this new Sniper to be really interesting, it has to be more effective than the Marshal in terms of damage, but less effective than the Operator. Taking the average of the two weapons, it does around 230 damage to the head, 125 in the body and a little more 100 in the legs.

So it's conceivable that Riot Games could come up with something new with a bigger magazine, which we think is unlikely, or something smaller, which is a more likely idea. If the Outlaw is indeed more powerful than the Marshal, the studio could choose to limit the number of bullets in the magazine. Players would therefore have to be extremely precise when firing to hit the target, at the risk of having to reload and finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation. In doing so, the rifle would still be slightly less interesting than the Operator, which would have 5 bullets at its disposal.

Speed of fire will also be an important factor in differentiating the Outlaw from two other weapons. It's possible that it's closer to the Marshal's than to the Operator's, since the visual suggests that it's more of a light rifle than a heavy weapon. Similarly, it could be more accurate than the Operator without the scope, but perhaps a little less so than the Marshal, to justify its price.

It should be remembered, however, that only suppositions. We'll know more next Monday, and we'll be sure to keep you informed.