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Opening of the tickets for the Mandatory watch party at Flunch - Roncq

Places of conviviality, Flunch restaurants have been welcoming the French for over fifty years now. Eager to create even more moments of sharing, the brand will host its very first watch party dedicated to the Mandatory team in the near future. It will take place in the restaurant of Roncq, a town in the Lille metropolitan area. Tickets go on sale at 8pm tonight. Places are limited, so hurry if you want to participate!

The second Split of the Valorant Challengers League France: Revolution is about to begin. What better way to get back into the swing of things than with some good food and a game of Mandatory? If you like this idea, then see you on Tuesday 11th April, for the first ever watch party dedicated to our team, at Flunch - Roncq. To take part in this epic evening of food and drink, pick up your ticket at the official box office from 8pm.

EDIT: Good news! The number of places has been upgraded to 100.

In total, 80 people, will be able to access the zone, free of charge. This famous zone will open from 7pm. From 9pm, you will be able to lift your hammers, as well as your arms, and sing Battle of Chilla, to support Mandatory. Hyp, Akumaaaaa, TheBigFiz, Goaster and kAdavra will face Wylde.

The end of the match does not mean the end of the evening. After the match, around 10pm, you will have the opportunity to exchange with ZeratoR for about an hour. An opportunity to show your support for our players!

First Mandatory viewing party at Flunch

If you wish to eat on site, you should know that the Restaurant area will be open before the start of the meeting. You should be able to order your food until about 8.30 pm.