Oni 2.0 Skins are coming to Valorant

The famous skin pack, the Oni collection, is enriched with four additional weapons, in addition to a new Japanese-inspired knife, the Katana.

The new Oni skins collection has been presented through a stylized video in which we discover the different weapons available. It's the turn of the Vandal, the Bulldog, the Ares and the Frenzy to feature red tones and a mask, very similar to the Phantom. In addition, a brand new knife in the shape of a Japanese sword is added to the pack with several colours for the sheath and the effect. In action, the blade emits a coloured trail that differs according to the skin.

Just like the first Oni pack, the shooting sound remains the same as the basic one, unlike skins like Neptune for example. The execution animation is also similar to the original pack.

new skin pack oni 2.0 valorant

Earlier, the Twitter account of Valorant shared an illustration where the mask present on the Oni skins as well as katanas planted on the ground. This tweet was accompanied by Japanese characters that could be translated as " return " or " come back" . This was a clear indication of the return of this pack, which is well known to players. Moreover, this theme could echo one of the stages of the VCT 2023: the Tokyo Masters.

illustration katana and Japanese mask skin oni valorant

This new set of weapons will be available from Episode 6, Act 2.