We tested Iso's skills and their interaction with the other agents.

Riot Games invited us to test Iso, the new Agent from Valorantduring a closed preview. It was an opportunity for us to try out her abilities and see how they really work, especially in interaction with other agents!

Coupled Shooting: Functioning and Interactions

Coupled Fire is a skill reserved for the most skilful and reactive players! When Iso casts Coupled Fire, the skill will channels for 2 seconds during which Iso remains free to move and can shoot his opponents.

Once the skill is ready and for 15 seconds, every time Iso kills an opponent or takes part in a kill, an orb will appear in the air. By shooting the orb, Iso gains a shield capable of absorbing the next damagewhatever it may be.

Opponents can prevent Iso from obtaining a shield by firing into the shell themselves.

The Orb of Coupled Fire appearing after a kill.
The Orb of Coupled Fire appearing after a kill.

This means that Iso can take a Classic shot or a Raze rocket without flinching. But be warned only from the first damage received ! This shield is perfect for taking heavy damage, such as from an Operator, but it disappears as soon as you cross a molly. It gives only a moderate advantage in combat between automatic weapons.

In the case of simultaneous damage (shotgun blast or Raze grenades), the shield absorbs all damage.

In the case of of a Spike explosion or Deadlock ultimate, the shield does not protect Iso and he dies.

However, it suffers no fall damage and even retains its shield after a fall.

Iso's shield does not protect it from alternative states like Deadlock's slowdown or ultimate. Viper's poison doesn't break Iso's shield because it doesn't do any damage as such, it temporarily reduces Iso's HP, which is considered to be a change of state.

When Iso has his shield active, he is enveloped in a dome of violet energy highly visible. So visible that Iso can't really hide in a corner or behind a crate without being spotted. Iso is practically forced to make contact!

The shield breaks as soon as it takes damage, even if that damage didn't hit Iso. So all you have to do is fire anywhere in the dome to deprive Iso of his shield.

Iso when his shield is active.
Iso, when his shield is active.

If Iso kills several opponents during the 15 seconds of the skill, each opponent will cause an orb to appear, but Iso can only use one shield at a time. On the other hand, he can take a shield, lose it to an opponent and take another shield by shooting at another orb, all in a single use of Coupled Shot.

Sape: How it works and how it interacts

Sape is Iso's projectile. It moves quickly and goes through players and walls over a long distance. When it hits players, it inflicts Fragility for 10 seconds. Weakened enemies suffer double damage from any source. Weakened enemies glow with a small white light.

Sape cannot be used to spot opponents. The projectile makes no noise when it hits a player and Iso doesn't signal it either.

Tap through opponents and walls.
Tap through opponents and walls.

You need to be careful when using it because Sape also affects allies. The skill is really designed to be used in initiation, through walls to hit opponents. It works very well combined with Contingency or before a Duel behind closed doors.

Contingency: Function and Interactions

Contingency is a fairly simple skill to understand and use. When Iso casts Contingence, he creates a moving wall capable of intercepting any bullets that pass through it. Contingency absorbs both enemy and allied bullets. On the other hand, it allows players and skills to pass through; a Raze or a Sova will be happy to demolish anyone who thinks they are too safe.

Contingency, the Iso wall.
Contingency, the Iso wall.

Once deployed, the wall moves straight ahead, at the same speed as a player in full race. This makes it an ideal cover tool for penetrating enemy lines. On the other hand, this means that if you see a wall advancing, but don't hear any footsteps, it could be a fake.

The wall is about twice the size of Iso in height upwards and downwards. A Jett or a Raze can therefore head over it using their skills.

Duel behind closed doors: How Iso Ultimate works and interacts

Let's get down to business! Iso's ultimate is called Duel à Huis Clos, and it's going to create quite a spectacle, especially in official competitions.

After channelling, Iso casts the skill over a wide area in front of him, comparable to a Breach Fracture Line. The first opponent hit by the skill is taken with Iso to a combat arena for a duel to the death, isolated from the rest of the game.

On arrival in the Arena, the two players are completely cared forIn this way, they recover a shield in perfect condition and are automatically equipped with their main weapon, which is fully reloaded. However, it is impossible to launch a skill from inside the arena. We'll look at special cases later in this article.

Iso, ready for battle in his arena.
Iso, ready for battle in his arena.

In this arena you will find 3 immobile walls similar to those in Contingency, which disappear after a few seconds (meaning that players can walk through them). Iso has two walls to hide behind, while his opponent only has one. This means that Iso knows where his opponent will be when the walls give way, while the opponent has to guess which of the two walls Iso is behind.

The first player to kill the other wins the duel. Both he and his opponent's corpse are back to exactly where they were before the duel. The victor retains the ammunition from the duel, but his HP and shield return to their pre-duel state. If Iso wins the duel, an orb of Coupled Fire automatically appears above the opponent's corpse. If no player kills another player after 15 seconds, both players are killed.

This arena is outside the map and cannot be reached by other players or their skills. However, other players can see ground markerswhere the two players were before they were teleported. The loser's team-mates can then wait for the winner to settle the score.

The markers on the ground after an ultimate d'Iso.
Markers on the ground after an Iso ultimate.

Now let's take a look at some special cases which stem from all this, starting with the way in which Duel à Huis Clos against certain Agents :

  • Since players are automatically equipped with their main weapons, this means that Iso's ultimate unequips other agents' special weapons like the ultimates of Raze, Sova or Chamber.
  • If Viper has launched her ultimate, Iso's teleports her out of her poison zone, it dissipates normally.

But Duel à Huis Clos can also be countered:

  • A reactive Yoru can send his clone into the arena in his place. By killing the clone, Iso is flashed as he reappears on the map, making him extremely vulnerable. Yoru is also immune to Huis Clos if he is invisible.
  • Phoenix's resurrection allows him to escape from the Iso arenaThis is the case when Iso dies or when the skill wears off. With Iso alone in the arena, he is declared the winner by default and returns to where he was. Iso reappears after Phoenix, giving him a disadvantage.
  • The Reyna rebuff avoids Iso Ultimate.

Finally, a few strange interactions:

  • Enemies caught in Deadlock's coccon are ignored by the Iso ultimate.
  • The ghost of Omen sub Ultimate can be captured by Huis Clos, but this causes a bug in Omen's skin, which remains in ghost form until the end of the round.
  • If two Iso launch their Ultimate simultaneouslyThe Iso with the advantage is selected at random.