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Omen disabled due to a bug [updated]

4th September update: Omen is back in the game.

Big patch, big bugs. At least that's what seems to be becoming the norm for Valorant. Even if the 1.07 patch didn't change anything for Omen or the various maps, it did allow the Shadow Agent to break out of bonds. Omen is currently disabled due to this bug.

Very soon after the release of patch 1.07 in the United States, players discovered that it was possible to teleport outside the starting areas of the various maps. Omen could then take a considerable lead over the other players, surprise them in places he shouldn't be able to go so early in the game... or simply put the Spike down without waiting for his comrades.

Video of Dylbobz presenting the bug.

Obviously, it was enough to teleport on a comrade at the barrier to be pushed to the other side. Riot Games was pretty confident that this bug would be fixed, but got disillusioned in the morning. Until the Agent returns to the limits of the physical world, he will be disabled in the game.

@RiotZiegler's tweet about Omen's bug

This bug occurs in a rather unstable patch. Many gamers in the United States were completely unable to launch the game due to missing .dll files. That is the moment where we're happy that Europe is the last to receive Valorant updates.