The Obstacle Course, Valorant Easter-Egg

The developers of Valorant may be at the head of a purely competitive game, that did not prevent them from slipping a tribute to Counter-Strike custom maps in the training mode. Indeed, what might look like a simple surreal environment with floating elements in the air, turns out to be a real obstacle course. This is completely intentional from Riot Games, since a timer, checkpoints and marks on the various elements are present. This easter egg won’t really help you to be better at Valorant, so see it as a side game.

The purpose of the course will be to reach the tip of the steeple by crossing the 16 checkpoints of the map. To do so, you will have to jump from piece of ground to piece of ground, then from paver to paver, then from brick to brick. As you can see, the more you progress, the thinner are the platforms and the riskier are the jumps. Obstacles will also get in your way, which will force you to make complex trajectories during a jump.

For the most athletic players, we're organising a speedrun competition on this course, with rewards as a bonus.

Some tips before getting started

To practice, we recommend playing Jett. By holding the Jump key, Jett can slow her falls. Her ability Updraft allows you to rectify missed jumps or start again faster than if you had to fall. Don’t get used to it though, you could take bad reflexes.

Do the whole course by equipping yourself with your knife. Your mobility is much better when you hands are not cluttered. It’s mandatory for some of the more complicated jumps.

The course to complete

It all starts along the left wall of the shooting range against the bots. Going outside, you can see bluish footprints on the floor. These traces will serve as breadcrumbs to tell you which debris you will have to jump on.

Valorant - Course: Part 1

First of all, your goal will be to reach the opposite side of the building. To do this, you will have to master basic jumps, until you meet a gutter. Once against the gutter, the first difficulty will be to go around it in one jump.

Valorant - Course: Part 2

Once on the opposite side, you’ll have to climb on the roof using the rope. It’s difficult to reach it directly without going through the hole in the wall. Jump inside of it (crouch during the jump, just in case). Get out by the smallest while crouching and grab the rope.

Valorant - Course: Part 3

From the roof, simply jump onto the neighboring sheet metal roof, before crossing the small arch. Jump on the floating bench, then on the debris to reach the third roof.

Valorant - Course: Part 4

From here, jump on the cable that connects the building to the bell tower. You will have to jump on a small brick sticking out, while going around the corner of the bell tower.

Valorant - Course: Part 5

From here, you’re going to have to start climbing the steeple. The jumps will be more and more complicated to make, some will require Bunny Hopping. Checkpoints are however much more numerous.

Valorant - Course: Part 6

Watch out for debris that appear thick but some of their surfaces can be slippery. Be careful not to fall. Along the hedge, you’ll reach a new rope, blue this time, which brings you to the belfry.

Valorant - Course: Part 7

To reach the roof of the bell tower, you’ll only have a few jumps on small floating bricks to make.

Valorant - Course: Part 8

Here you are on the roof! Last push, there’s a checkpoint after each jump. You’ll have to jump on the little bricks sticking out all around the wall before you reach the cup.

Valorant - Course: Part 9

Congratulations. Now be careful not to hurt yourself when you come back down.