NRG signs Demon1, Ethan and Marved for VCT 2024

As the Valorant Champions Tour 2024Here we take a look at the new rosters for the franchise teams. At the end of December, NRG announced the acquisition of three talented players, none other than Demon1 and Ethanreigning world champions, and Marvedformerly OpTic Gaming. This team, completed by crashies and Victoris, on paper, one of the best in the Americas League, if not the best.

Every year, the off-season is a crucial period for teams and the players themselves. The few months off are marked by discussions, tests, buy-outs and contract signings. This hustle and bustle is not anodyne. In fact, structures the world over are looking to building the winning roster for the coming season. And since they all want to take on the know-how of the best, it's not an easy task... Yet.., NRG has pulled off a major coupwhich could well propel it to the top of the Americas League in 2024.

Shortly after the Valorant Champions, the group announced the departure of s0mFNS and ethos. This inevitably meant recruiting players. After several months of silence on the subject, the firm has unveiled the newcomers who will represent it next season, namely Demon1, Ethan and Marved. It's a great way to acquire talented players!

As a reminder, Demon1 and EthanDemon1, ex-Evil Geniuses, won the latest edition of the Valorant Champions, following their second-place finish at the Tokyo Masters. What's more, Demon1 was even awarded the title of MVP of the Grand Final of Champions, in addition to that of MVP of the Tokyo Masters. Esports Breakthrough Player of the Year at the Esports Awards. For his part, Ethan is an effective support, having accumulated no fewer than 368 assists in the Americas League.

There is no doubt that this acquisition is the result of a long-running battle. As we saw in our year in reviewIt appears that Evil Geniuses has sought to retain its players, even if it means blocking them in their search, notably by refusing various offers to buy out their contracts. While the future of their fellow players remains uncertain, theirs is assured.

Marved is also an iconic player. Before playing on behalf of Sentinels last year, he played for OpTic Gamingalongside Victor and crashies. At the time, they were competing at the top end of the North American circuit and came out on top of the world. winner of the Reykjavik Masters. Their reunification could mark the beginning of a new era of domination...

However, it's not a foregone conclusion. The League's other structures have formed great teams, to Like Sentinelswhich now benefits from the experience of johnqtthe best in-game leader of the NA Challengers. We'll have a chance to see just how good these two teams are at the Kick-Off tournament, scheduled for February.