New record on the Valorant obstacle course

If you've ever had fun browsing the maps of VALORANT in ghost mode, you'll have noticed that the FPS is full of hidden elements. One of the biggest easter-eggs can be found in the training camp. We're talking, of course, about obstacle course. While some players put all their effort into competitive games, others, like the Frenchman TaKinabeat speed records on this agility course!

There's nothing random about the obstacle course hidden away in Valorant. The presence of markings on the ground, a stopwatch and checkpoints clearly demonstrate that Riot Games wanted to challenge players.

And since the first year of the shooting game's existence, there have been quite a few attempts! The American known as robofox97 was the first to write his name in history, finishing this event in 5min, 10s and 450ms - at least that's the first video validated on the website. We're a long way from today's records, but back then the route to the final trophy was still to be discovered... It wasn't long before someone beat that time by a few seconds, and then new speedrunners took the title by finishing the course in under four minutes.

However, several months of hard work will have been needed to optimise the race and drop below the one-minute mark54s and 800ms to be exact. We owe this performance to the user Flights. Later, a new competitor made his appearance at the top of the ranking by approaching the fifty-second limit. Thanks to his 50s and 925ms, the American VenusSSBU held on to first place for several months... but the competition didn't stop there!

About a month ago, the French TaKina - who has performed well on the course in the past - narrowly beat this time, finishing 625ms ahead. Even more recently, he achieved a new feat: for the first time, a speedrunner finished the race in under fifty seconds. In doing so, he signed a new world record at 49.157s. Hats off to you!

Here, we were talking about 100% runs, no abilities, no prep. There are several other categoriesThis has enabled times to be kept as low as 23s and 900ms. Owned by wesbhopThis time now seems impossible to beat, as he validated it when Jett's dash did not require prior activation... Only time will tell if a player will succeed in dethroning him!

Meanwhile, TaKina isn't done with the obstacle course yet. On X, he indicated that its run can be further improved. He's aiming for a new record! If you'd like to admire his skills or simply challenge him, he regularly streams his attempts on Twitch channel.