No ranked games at Valorant release

We know that Valorant will officially be released on 2nd June. On the other hand, players ready to battle it out in competitive modes will have to wait. Riot Pwyff confirmed on Reddit that there would be no ranked games at the release of Valorant.

Ranked games won’t be activated until several weeks after the official launch of Valorant. Riot Games wants to make sure the game and every server is stable enough before reopening competitive mode. These last days, Valorant have experienced major problems with hit registration, and that’s not to mention all the exploitations of the environment to set Cypher’s traps, for example. Until all of this is resolved, it won’t be possible to climb the ladder.

However, players who have already played 20 normal games during the beta of Valorant won’t have to play them again to access ranked games.

Pwyff takes this opportunity to confirm thatpart of the MMR will likely be retained from the beta. Valorant works with a different MMR between ranked games and normal games. The ranked MMR will be reset to zero, but the normal MMR may be kept to prevent players who have had access to the beta and therefore are used to Valorant from crushing new players.

Finally, he encourages players of all skill levels to take advantage of the unavailability of ranked games to train as much as possible. Valorant is a complex game for the uninitiated and they will need preparation to play ranked games. Even for players who had access to the beta, there will be a new Agent and a new map to learn. Also, remember that you’ll have to to unlock Agents, even if you already had them during the beta.

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