Valorant Patch 2.10 is cancelled

Riot announced last night on Twitter that there will be no patch 2.10 on Valorant. We'll have to wait a few more weeks before the next patch which will be 2.11!

The fact that there is no patch just before the Valorant Masters 2 is not very surprising. Indeed, if it had not been cancelled, this patch would have been released on 25th May, during the tournament. This would have meant that the start and end of the tournament would have been played on different patches. Riot knows from experience that a patch can potentially deteriorate the server as was the case with patch 1.11, and prefers to remain cautious by postponing its update.

The two week hiatus gives the Valorant teams the opportunity to work on bigger and more in-depths projects. Riot announces an update of the game engine and says it needs a little more time to perfect it. Players can therefore expect a more stable game that is less susceptible to FPS drops, which are very unpleasant and penalizing in a competitive game like Valorant.

The next Valorant patch will be patch 2.11 and will be released around 8th June. This moves the release of Riot's FPS Episode 3 back a few weeks.