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No custom maps in Valorant

The number of maps seems to be the topic of the moment for Valorant. Riot Ziegler talked about the ideal number of maps according to him during an interview with Mixwell. Today, he's featured in a new video on Valorant's YouTube channel to bring up the topic on a more official channel and talk about custom maps.

In this short video, we don't learn much more than we didn't already know from the Mixwell interview. But rather than talking about what to expect from Valorant and its maps, it's mostly what should not be expected that's interesting. According to Riot Ziegler, there are no plans to open Valorant to community maps.

Community maps are simply maps created by fans and playable directly. Many FPSs offer this option, starting with those that run with the Source engine. These custom maps allow a greater diversity in gaming environments and sometimes reveal genius mappers who end up finding a job in the industry. Many games are born from simple mods or simple maps created by fans (Team Fortress, DOTA, etc.)

Riot Ziegler recognises this last point, many developers of Valorant being precisely from the community of FPS fans and modders. Unfortunately, the Valorant development team doesn't have the resources required to create creation and sharing tools. Riot has decided to focus its resources on creating new content directly in-game. The teams also want each new map to have a certain level of finish and an overall consistency with the world of Valorant.

In fact, this answer is not particularly surprising. Even if we don't really know the number of people working on Valorant, the game feels like it was developed by a small team. Valorant itself also appears to be still in the process of setting-up, the game suffering from many basic issues that can be found early in the competitive gamer lifecycle.

Modders can at least hang on to one thing: it looks like there are genuine advocates within the ranks of Riot Games. Perhaps such a project can be implemented in the future, once Valorant is on the right track. But don't expect too much.