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No changes in Ranked Games for now

Ranked Games did Valorant a world of good. Adding stakes to its competitive FPS, the players are finally able to gauge their level and to face tough opponents. The system is nonetheless quite incomplete and often criticised, especially for its progression between ranks. Unfortunately, things may stay left as they are for a while.

During one of his streams, Riot Morello surprised (and scared a little) his viewers by declaring that no one was working on the Ranked Games system anymore. Many players then thought that no one was working on the Ranked Mode anymore, or even that they no longer planned to change it.

The discontent started to emerge on Reddit, until ProgRocktopus, another Valorant developer, came to clarify the situation. He confirms that the person who designed and implemented the ranked games as they exist on Valorant has left the company. However, a temporary manager has been named and there's still an entire development team dedicated to this aspect.

The issue remains complex. For such an important project that has to be long-term, each decision must be measured. The team in question is quite capable of ensuring the future of ranked games, but it lacks a leader with a clear vision of the direction to take. Riot Games therefore doesn't want to make changes until a new manager (and their project) has been validated.

These internal setbacks therefore delay the development of the competitive mode. However, it's not at complete standstill either as, last week, we saw the implementation of overtime. But if that can reassure players frustrated with the current system, Riot Morello admitted that it was bad, we can therefore expect real changes in the future.