nitr0 returns to Valorant with M80

In the run-up to the start of the North American Challengers, M80 has unveiled its new roster for the 2024 season. The structure can now count on Nicholas " nitr0 "Cannella, as well as BcJand three former members of the team, to climb to the top of the circuit.

A first experience with 100 Thieves

In 2020, after six years working alongside Team Liquid in the Counter Strike section, nitr0 has chosen to continue his career as a pro on Valorant. And it was as captain that he was recruited by 100 Thieves. What's more, he was even asked to put together the structure's new roster, which had separated from four of its members;

It was a rather daunting task, given that the group was subject to a great deal of criticism at the time, due to its disappointing results. But Nadeshot was right. With Hiko, steel, Asuna and dicey as reinforcements, 100 Thieves takes the Valorant First Strike NA trophynipping in the bud all his detractors in the process.

During the 2021 season, the team succeeded in becoming one of the top American teams and even shone internationally at the of the Berlin Masters. Despite her good overall performances, she missed out on qualification for the Valorant Champions, then fails during the Last Chance Qualifier. It was a disappointing end to the season.

With a view to the VCT 2022, the firm has made a number of changes to its roster, including has separated from nitr0 in particular. Following this announcement, Nicholas Cannella returned to his roots, determined to win a few more Counter Strike tournaments, with Team Liquid.

Leaving the team was a personal decision, nothing against the players or the organisation or anything like that. But I thought if ever there was a time to change the game, it was now, when they have a two-month rebuilding period.


Back to Valorant with M80

Those days are over. Today, nitr0 is launching a new challenge on Valorant, along with BcJ, koalanoob, NiSMO and Zanderhis sidekicks from M80. Together, they will attempt to emerge victorious from the NA Challengers, in the hope of securing a place in the Americas League in 2025.

Last year, M80 completely dominated the American circuit, so much so that it ended up in second place in the rankings of the best teams in the region. They owed their success in part to their captain, johnqt, who was recruited by Sentinels since then. nitr0 should take on this role in the futureand must once again prove himself as a leader.

Will Captain America be able to lead his comrades to success? Only time will tell.