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Night maps for Valorant?

After changes were made to some of the game's maps, including Icebox and Fracture, the people in charge of developing the maps at Valorant have talked about their desire to design new maps for the FPS.

Recently, level designers Joe Landsford and Joey Simas, along with lead environment artist George Sokol, spoke on Reddit. Through an " Ask me Anything" thread, they spent an hour answering questions from players about the game's maps.

There were many questions about the changes made to Icebox and Fracture, but one user raised an interesting point. Will we ever get night maps ? Or maps with different themes, such as holidays? To which George Sokol replied:

As far as night time maps goes, maybe someday? Artists always love making stuff at night time, but its a tricky balancing act to make a map look like night but also have enough clear visibility for gameplay.

George Sokol - Reddit

So, even if this is not currently planned for the coming months, it is not excluded that we could one day evolve on night maps, as is already the case on Overwatch for example. In any case, the developers seem to be thinking about it, but a lot of data comes into the equation, and in particular that of the good visibility of players, as indicated by our main environment artist. A bad balance could strongly impact the gameplay and make these maps unplayable.

Beyond this questioning, this Q&A will also have taught us that the teams are currently working on the next map and, since Fracture was introduced in the game six months ago, it should probably not be long before it is revealed to the community. We'll have to be a bit more patient, but we can't wait to see what the developers have in store for us!