New ranked features in the Episode 3 of Valorant

There will be some news about ranked games in the Episode 3 of Valorant! Indeed, the subject of ranked was discussed in the article Ask VALORANT on 31st May and we got some answers.

The issue of ranked games, especially high-level ones, comes up very often and is very controversial. How can we meet the demands of a part of the community without degrading the qualify of the ranked queue? The latest article from Valorant developers gives us a little more information.

"When's 5-stack coming back?" This was the question asked to Jon Walker, designer of the Competitive mode. He explains that there are two issues regarding the possibility of playing as 5-stack in ranked games.

The first is to "enable five-stacks, with wide ranges of skill, to compete in ranked". Riot is concerned with the concept of splitting queues. According to them, this system would not be the best solution for Valorant for two reasons. On one hand, there would be a risk that one of the two queues (probably the flexible one) would be much less recognised than the other, like in League of Legends where the flex ranked has less prestige than the solo/duo ranked. On the other hand, splitting queues would mean splitting the number of players available in each queue and would increase the waiting time while potentially unbalancing games. However, Riot assures us that their solution will respect the competitive integrity of Valorant.

Se we come to the second issue: "How can we create a high-stakes competitive experience for teams?". Riot doesn't give an answer yet. However, we learn that we will know more at the beginning of Episode 3 ! Good news then, as this means that things have already moved on and a solution has been found.

While we don't have any more information on the system that will be put in place, we can already assume that Riot will surely want to keep all the ranked games under control without going through third parties as it can be done on CS:GO with tools like Faceit. In any case, it will be very interesting to see what Riot will propose in the coming weeks!