New Valorant comic book posters with unique style!

TheEpisode 5 of Valorant is now available. To celebrate this new beginning, Riot Games has released 5 comic book style posters featuring Valorant Agents. These were created in partnership with renowned artists.

The temporary pass: Crossover

A new page has been turned in the history of Valorant, as Episode 4 is now complete. With the release of Act 1 of Episode 5, players can enjoy several new features, such as the Ascendant rank.

In addition, as we explained to you yesterday, the community enjoysa free event pass entitled Crossover. As players gain experience, they can get some really cool comic book style cards!

Contents of the event pass Crossing

Posters for sale

To enjoy these real works even more, Riot Games has announced the sale of 5 posters in the same style, 3 of which correspond to the pass cards. Each poster is available in two sizes, the smaller one (31x45cm) for €23 and the larger one (61x91cm) for €29,50.

Comic book posters - Passe Traversée

Each poster has a different style because they were all designed by different artists. Among the artists involved in this collaboration are :

  • Alpha Threat - illustration by Belén Ortega. This Spanish artist has written the manga Himawari and participated in the comic book Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Friendly fire (Killjoy and Raze) - illustrated by Paul Mounts. In a career spanning more than 20 years, he has worked on such renowned comics as The Fantastic Four and Ultimates.
  • Legion - illustration by the legendary Jim Lee. These major works include WildC.A.T.s and Gen13.

If you want to embellish the walls of your gaming room, or any other room, go to the official shop.