New nerfs for Chamber are tested

Chamber's supremacy, in ranked games as well as in official tournaments, is no longer in question. Economically and tactically interesting, the Agent is popular, that's a fact; and this despite the nerfs he has already suffered in the past. In order to balance it further, the developers want to change the whole kit. These changes are currently being tested on the PBE.

Following the first Masters of the year, we had discussed the extent to which Chamber was beginning to take on a professional role. Recently, we have been interested in the Copenhagen Masters 2 meta. The conclusion is clear: with 76.5% selection process, Chamber is a must as an essential Agent, dethroning Jett in the process.

Agents' pick rates at the Masters 2 in Copenhagen

The latest changes Chamber's experience only affected his ability to Trademark. The price and the number of loads that could be carried were reviewed at that time. Today, it is the Agent's entire kit that is in the studio's sights, as explained on the subreddit dedicated to the PBE : "We think we can reduce the overall power of his kit while keeping him competitive with the rest of the roster.

Given his impact in the game, it is not surprising to learn that he will be a nerve again. Jeff Landa, Valorant's Communication Manager, recently announced on Twitter the various changes planned for the French Agent:

  • Concerning Rendezvous :
    • The cooldown between two teleportations will change to from 20 to 30s,
    • Cooldown after teleporter recall will increase from 20 to 30s,
    • When a teleporter is destroyed, a cooldown of 45s will be applied before further use,
    • The circle of effect around a teleporter will be reduced to from 21 to 15m.

The developers explain that these changes are related to the fact that Rendezvous allows Chamber to take up more space on the sites, than they originally intended to give him. They also hope that these changes will make opposing players want to destroy the teleporters, but also make the Agent's hands place them more carefully.

  • Concerning Trademark :
    This skill is particularly appreciated by players, sinceit offers valuable information, when activated or destroyed. For this reason, Chamber now only has one charge. Still considered too impactful for the opponents, Trademark is changed again.
    • The deceleration time is reduced to from 9.5 to 6s.
  • Concerning Tour de Force :
    If the agent is extremely economically strong, mainly because of the built-in sniper. In a game, if an ally is in financial difficulty, it is quite possible to take the Turn of Force in hand for the round, and buy a weapon for that other player. In order to reduce the interest of the players in this ultimate, but also its impact, it will be now more difficult to obtain.
    • Tour de Force will require 1 extra point, i.e. 8 points instead of 7.
    • The duration of the slowdown created under a victim's feet is reduced to from 9.5 to 6s.
  • Regarding the Headhunter :
    Chamber's other main asset is undoubtedly its secondary gun. As the developers have pointed out "At current ball prices, Chamber players do not need to make real tough economic decisions in as significant a way as other agents..
    • In order to alleviate this problem, the price of bales is increasing 100 to 150 credits. This simple change should have a noticeable impact, especially during pistol-rounds or eco rounds.

All of these redesigns have already been tested all weekend on the PBE, and are still being tested today. At the moment, Riot Games is collecting feedback from players, so it's not certain that all the nerfs mentioned are final. Those that are retained will, normally, appear in-game with patch 5.03 scheduled for 9th August.