New mechanics in the next Valorant map

This weekend was marked by the final of the Red Bull Home Ground, a match won by the American team 100 Thieves. After the match, Joe Lansford, Game Designer on Valorant, revealed details about the upcoming FPS map in an interview. According to him, players will discover a brand new mechanism.

Recently, Riot Games announced the return of Split with patch 6.00, as well as the release of Bind and Breeze. As a result, the map pool should reach a total of 6 maps instead of 7. However, at the time of the release of Split, the studio had specified want to keep 7 maps in the future, to offer enough diversity while making the game accessible to new players:

The team thinks seven is a nice sweet spot that offers both variety and mastery. You don’t have to spend all your time learning new angles, lineups, and strategies. New players will have an easier onboarding experience. And pro teams get to have deeper, more exciting playbooks. Win, win, win.

Riot Games

In all likelihood, a new map will be introduced on Valorant very soon. This hypothesis seems to be confirmed by Joe Lansford. In a recent interview, he went back to the previous point, saying that the map pool is expected to retain 7 maps.

Also asked about the next map of the FPS, the Game Designer revealed some information. In particular, he said a new game mechanic. As mentioned, it won't be teleporters, or even anything particularly amazing. Furthermore, Joe Lansford explained that the next map will look like an existing map.

With his revelations, speculations and hypotheses are multiplying on the networks. Some seem more convinced by one of them, which mentions a destructible stone wall or door. To differ from the door on Ascent, this element could be an integral part of the set and destroyed if necessary to create a new opening. As for the similarity to an older map, it is possible that Riot Games has decided to create a new map with 3 locations. Currently, only Haven is so constituted. However, none of this information has been confirmed at this time.