New Agent: The teasing continues

A fortnight ago, the developers of Valorant began teasing the new Agent of the game and it is already known that it could be an Initiator. With the latest update, new elements have been added to tease the character.

In the patch notes 4.07 published on Tuesday 12th April, the game's teams invited the players to the training ground with the following sentence: "The VALORANT Agents have been busy with a pretty frightening problem. Explore around the Shooting Range to find out what they're up to."

As soon as the patch was deployed, some players rushed to the field. They were able to discover a host of new elements designed to tease out the new Agent. 

As more or less announced John Goscicki, one of the developers of Valorant, this new character seems to be really linked to the theme of fear. Indeed, everything has been done to stay in theoppressive and frightening atmosphere of the video Become the Nighmare, recently unveiled for the Reykjavik Masters

As you descend the stairs to the Brimstone office and enter the basement, a strident sound sounds. Once in the office, your field of vision becomes almost black for several seconds and chilling whispers can be heard. In addition, an unfriendly female voice echoes, saying "You are trapped" or "Behold the darkness". Would the next Agent be a woman?

Dark screen to tease new agent

To the left of the office entrance, on the sofa, is a mobile phone. So you can listen to a voice message which tells you the following:

"Hey, big guy. Seriously, you need to tell us what's going on here. Cause I keep seeing things, other people do. We're seeing ghosts or whatever, it's a nightmare, man. The lights flickering, the door handles are cold. We're all on edge. Raze is gonna freak out. What the hell are you and Cypher doing in your secret meetings? Every time we meet, something crazy happens. I know you're in charge of the serious stuff and the confidential stuff, but we want to know. Who are you meeting with?"

We don't know who the author of this message is, but it seems to be part of the team of Agents already in the game, or at least related to them since it mentions Raze and Cypher. This strange message could also reveal some elements that will be found in the character's gameplay.

On the computer in the office you can also read a message from Brimstone, which says that the person who was blackmailing them has been arrested in Turkey, which would confirm the fact that the next agent would be Turkish. If you go to Cypher's office, you can hear a long communication that relays all the details of the operation that led to the arrest of the individual.

In addition, Brimstone announces that it is holding this person in custody and indeed you will be able to see his cell through the door to the left of the office. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see what is in this prison.

Brimstone's message about the intercepted agent
Door of the cell of the intercepted agent

Finally, if you wait a few minutes, you will hear a deep sound. Then look down and you will see that a strange shape has appeared at your feet. It is round and seems to turn on itself. Its centre is purple and its outline is yellow. The whole thing tends to remind us of an eye, as we had already seen with the images previously used to tease this new character.

Strange shape linked to the next agent

Perhaps this form could be linked to one of the Agent's skills? We don't know much more than that and we'll probably have to wait for more answers.