Neon unveiled in Episode 4 trailer

After sharing a first visual that leaked last week, Riot Games is stepping up a gear and unveiling Neon, the next Valorant Agent. As always, it's through a trailer that we can see her for the first time. The trailer reveals some of her abilities, as well as the name of Episode 4 of Valorant.

The one previously known as Sprinter is now called Neon. She is likely to be an energetic duelist with a wide range of abilities, capable of rushing to her goal.

Neon does seem to be able to perform gliding movements in order to dodge, but also to shoot while maintaining her running speed. She also has an ability that creates two walls similar to Phoenix's, creating a tunnel of flame.

On the offensive side, Neon seems to have a grenade that bounces off the walls once, before exploding at its final destination as well as where it bounced off. Finally, her ultimate is to shoot continuous lightning bolts from her fingertips.

We'll have to wait a little longer before we know all the details about her kit. Neon should, in any case, be released on Tuesday night with the launch ofEpisode 4: Disruption.