Neon's Super-Slide, a bug that rocks!

Since Friday night, players invited by Riot Games can test Neon and her abilities on a private serveer. This is the opportunity to discover the Agent before her release, to analyse her strengths and weaknesses... but also to discover bugs. And the most fun and impressive bug is without a doubt the Super-Slide.

Neon is a speed-based character, yes, but the developers surely didn't anticipate that she would go so fast just by abusing her slide.

An easily replicated bug...

To work, this bug requires a wall and some height. By sliding into a wall and falling during the slide, Neon is propelled at breakneck speed until she hits the ground again. This allows her to catch her opponents off-guard by landing like a bullet in their ranks, even faster than Jett could. This technique is all the more effective and easy to use when there is an Agent capable of creating the necessary conditions for the bug anywhere. Indeed, it's enough to have a Sage in your team to benefit from both a wall and a promontory capable of initiating the bug.

The YouTuber FlowAscending had a lot of fun using this bug while it was available and released a small compilation that shows the power of such a technique.

... but already corrected for patch release

Players who were already panicking about Valorant becoming a run & gun FPS can rest assured that this bug won't happen on live servers. The developers have already found a fix that will be applied directly at the release of patch 4.00. Which just goes to show that it's useful to have a test server.