NAVI wins the G-Loot Valorant Clash

The G-Loot Valorant Clash was one of the final tournaments of the 2022 Off-Season in the EMEA region. The final phase of the competition took place from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November. Thanks to their very good performances, Natus Vincere and Parla Esports reached the Grand Final. After just over three and a half hours of play, the match ended with Natus Vincere winning.

A near perfect record

Natus Vincere and Parla Esports did not earn their spots in the G-Loot Valorant Clash finals in the same way. The former was invited directly by Riot Games, while the latter first went through a G-Loot Valorant Clash-Showdown Qualifier and then performed in that tournament to secure a spot.

Over the first two days of competition, both teams have been extremely strong, losing only one card in three matches played. To reach the Grand Final, Parla Esports defeated Team Hz 2-0, Team Divinity 2-0 and Giants Gaming 2-1. On their side, the new Natus Vincere roster, made up of former FunPlus Phoenix players, first defeated The Barbers, 2-0, then Fire Flux Esports, 2-1, and finally defeated Team Vitality, 2-0.

An incredible final!

The final match of the Valorant Clash saw a spectacular battle between the finalists. Both determined to win, they battled it out on five different maps for no less than three intensive hours.

Parla Esports took the lead on the first map, Haven, with a 4K of Jlerst in round 1 and eventually won 9-3 in the first half. NaVi managed to take three more points in the second half, but eventually lost 6 to 13.

The beginning of the game was much tighter on Pearl. Both teams were efficient, trading wins and losses. At the changeover, NaVi had a slight lead and led 7-5. After about forty minutes of play, cNed and his new teammates won 13-7.

NaVi, supported by Shao and Suygetsu, then, the team crushed their opponents on the night. In less than thirty minutes, the ex-FunPlus Phoenix earned a second point by winning Ascent, with only two sets conceded. Final score: 13-2.

Despite this heavy defeat, the Parla Esports players were not disheartened. On the contrary, they held their own against NaVi in the next battle, which took place on Icebox, and rained down 4Ks in the first half. After the changeover, NaVi managed to come back to score twice, but it was their opponents who emerged victorious from this map. Final score: 13-11.

With this victory, the Parla Esports players have evened the score. It all came down to Breeze, the fifth and final map of the evening. Parla Esports' efforts to defend the A and B sites were in vain. Natus Vincere had a comfortable lead at the changeover, and did not fail to close the map quickly afterwards, with a score of 13 to 7.

During this crazy evening, Parla Esports did not lose out. However, their opponents were more effective and decisive. We salute the performance of cNed and Suygetsu, who finished the match with impressive KDAs: 107/74/12 and 81/56/21 respectively.

The new Natus Vincere roster thus wins its first title and the 18,000$ cashprize reserved for the first-place finishers. As stated on their website, the team will not return to the competitive scene until next February for the Kickoff Tournament.