Natus Vincere dominates Leviatán in LOCK//IN quarter-finals

Europe's favourites continue to impress during this LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. Having won their first two matches hands down, Natus Vincere crushed Leviatán without too much difficulty and qualified for the semi-final.

A close match on Ascent

The meeting started on the map chosen by Leviatan, Ascent. Despite a good start, it was not a foregone conclusion for NaVi. From the fifth round onwards, Leviatán quickly understood the game plan of the Europeans. After that, NaVi had to rethink their strategy in order to equalise the score before the side change. The team finally took control of the game thanks to a superb Ace from Shao.

Once in the Attack, NaVi won the first four rounds with a well-executed bonus round. By investing the middle and short B, NaVi managed to surprise Leviatan's defenders while they were in full rotation. It wasn't until Leviatán was able to match NaVi's economy again that the teams went round for round. But such was the European advantage that they won the first map with a score of 13-10.

A 13-2 correction

This time on Fracture, the Europeans got off to a flying start on Attack. The frightening precision of SUYGETSU thwarted all of Leviatán's defensive attempts.

On their side, the Americans were totally powerless against NaVi's aggressions. Again, the teamplay and individuality of the European players overwhelmed the American team. Considerably better, NaVi totally won on a severe 13-2.

Unstoppable, NaVi has now qualified for the semi-finals of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. They will meet Fnatic, 3rd March at 6pm, and we will see the elimination of an EMEA team.