NAVI defeats KRÜ Esports at LOCK//IN SAO PAULO

The second group of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo began on Tuesday with quick matches. Natus Vincere, the only team from the EMEA league to qualify, managed to beat the South American team, KRÜ Esports.

The two teams have already met at the Valorant Champions when the NaVi roster was still playing under the banner of FunPlus Phoenix. It was already ANGE1 and his teammates who had taken the upper hand over the South American team. History repeated itself in this LOCK//IN.

The match continued on Lotus, where the scenario was almost completely reversed. On their Attack side, KRÜ Esports was now the team leading the way. It was their turn to lead 9-3 until the side changed. But NaVi turned things around in the second half. ANGE1 and his teammates picked up the pace and went on to win a series of rounds. NaVi won the 10 rounds they lacked to close out the match, all the while conceding only the bonus round.

This means that on Lotus, out of the 23 rounds played, the defence only won 4. A trend that seems to be more or less confirmed on the other matches played on this new map. Are the teams not yet well versed in Defence on it, or is there a deeper balancing issue for Riot to address?

Natus Vincere will face Team Secret on 25th February.

To follow the LOCK//IN São Paulo matches, go to official Twitch channel of Valorant.