NaVi defeats Fnatic in VCT EMEA Stage 1

On the fourteenth day of the regular season, NaVi and Fnatic clashed over the course of of a high-stakes matchwith the winning team securing a place in the playoffs of the VCT EMEA Stage 1. Ardiis led his team to victory. Despite the defeat, Fnatic nonetheless acquired a slot for the next stageshe too.

Maps and scores of the match

NaVi 2-1 FNC

Maps of the NaVi vs Fnatic match - VCT EMEA Split 1 2024

FNC 13-6 NaVi

FNC 8-13 NaVi

FNC 3-13 NaVi

Derke dominates Breeze

Methodical in their entries, the Vincere Natus managed to plant the Spike several times on Breeze, but were unable to make their mark.. In both A and B, their post-plant play was too weak to stand up to the ultra-rooted Fnatic. With seven successive victoriesThey ran away with the score and ended up winning. 13-6 without any real difficulties.

It has to be said that the Derke/Chronicle duo wreaked havocAnd Alfajer and Leo also put in some fine performances. Derke was even decisive in this game. Thanks to his Yoru, he took up a lot of space, linked duels brilliantly (3 First Kill for 0 First Death) and provided his team with a lot of information. In the end, he won no fewer than 25 eliminationsfor 13 deaths and, unsurprisingly, achieved the top rating (1.56).

ardiis takes Ascent by storm

On Ascent, Derke was also in the news when it survived alone against ardiis and suygetsu when he had already taken down the other three opponents. However, the real star of this second confrontation is indeed ardiis ! The Duelist made a major contribution to his team's success in Attack, stringing together clutchs and multikills, and finished top of the scoreboard with a rating of 1.45 and an ACS of around 280.

Overall, Natus Vincere played better than on the previous mapAt the changeover, she was leading by six points. The defence was a little tougher, but ANGE1 and her mates came through it all and won. 13-9.

Natus Vincere crushes Fnatic on Bind

With 71% of Attack victories on Bindcompared with 50%, we could expect that Fnatic had the upper hand when the final match of the match began. However, statistics are not infallible, especially at this level of competition!

NaVi crushes Fnatic on Bind
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Whichever site Boaster, Derke, Alfajer, Chronicle and Leo entered, there was a clear and precise opposing response. After losing the first two rounds, Natus Vincere won the following nine racesIn defence, the team did not concede a single point. In Defence, the team did not concede a single point and eventually won the map. 13 to 3.

With this well-deserved victory, NaVi has taken the lead in the Omega group and qualified for the play-offs. Depending on the results of FUT Esports this evening, they could even go straight through to the semi-finals. Fnatic, meanwhile, will probably not be seed 1 in the Alpha group, but will play in the play-offs in any case!