Navi and Fnatic, winners of the 7th and 8th day of the VCT EMEA 2023

Another eventful week for the European VCT EMEA 2023. During the last two days, Navi, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Giants Gaming came out on top in their matches. Here is a summary of the four European league matches.

NaVi and Fnatic won on day 7

NaVi won its match against BBL Esports

Day 7 opened with NaVi's match against BBL Esports. Starting as favourites, everyone saw ANGE1's team crushing the competition. However, from the very first rounds on Ascent, the team was in trouble. And it was not without difficulty that NaVi ended up equalizing before the side change thanks to the work of Zyppan and cNed. Once in Attack, the team took a lead in the score but BBL Esports managed to outscore them. Both teams could not deploy their strategies. Only the NaVi players were better than their opponents on their duels, which allowed them to win the first map on a 13 - 10.

Afterwards, the teams met on Fracture. This time it was NaVi's turn to win the first rounds on Attack. But the Turks did not give up and eventually came back to the score. The teams were once again tied at the side change. Nevertheless, NaVi took the lead during this second period thanks to the Ace of SUYGETSU. BBL Esports was unable to disrupt the opposition's defence and NaVi eventually won in 13-8.

Fnatic dominated Team Heretics

The LOCK//IN winners met Team Heretics in the second half of the evening. On Icebox, the team prevented site planting and controlled the retakes. Between the defence of Boaster and the offensives of Derke, the opposing players were decimated. Nothing stopped them and the change of side did not reverse the trend. Thanks to a brilliant teamwork, Fnatic easily took the space and imposed itself in 13-3 on the first map. On Ascent, the score was closer. After a 7-5 score for Fnatic in the first half, the team set the pace. Derke's domination of Team Heretics was such that the Spanish couldn't do anything. Fnatic won the second map in 13-6.

Koi and Karmine Corp lost their last games

Karmine Corp dominated by Team Liquid

From the very first seconds on Ascent, the match between the two teams started with a victorious pistol-round for Karmine Corp. However, once armed, Team Liquid came back to score. The French were overwhelmed by the enemy offensives and ended up giving up the sites several times. After a complicated first half, Karmine Corp was unable to reverse the trend. Without a duelist, the team was unable to break down the opponent's defence and KC lost to Liquid in 5-13. Once on Split, Team Liquid didn't let anything get past them and the French didn't win a single round on Attack. Karmine Corp won only two rounds thanks to the round pistol in the second half. Thus, the French were completely dominated and saw the victory slip away from them once again in 2-13.

KOI is defeated by Giants

The evening was just beginning. After such an expeditious match, it was Giants' turn to follow the same pattern. Such was their dominance that they only allowed one round to their opponents on Lotus. Nukkye, Fit1nho and Cloud each fulfilled their role and prevented the Spanish offensives. KOI could not adapt and seemed to be destabilised by the strong Giants defence. Once on Ascent, KOI was again dominated by Giants. With their backs against the wall, KOI players tried aggressive picks to turn the tide. A strategy that paid off, as the team won the rounds as they went along. But Giants prevented over time by winning the last round. Thus, KOI lost a second time with a score of 11 - 13 for Giants.

The next week of VCT EMEA starts on Wednesday 12th April at 8pm with Navi's match against Team Heretics. To follow the matches, go to the Twitch channel of the French League.