Natus Vincere splits with Zeddy, Duno and dinkzj

Despite appearing at both EMEA Challengers and participating in the Last Chance Qualifier, Natus Vincere did not manage to qualify for the Valorant Champions 2022. In order to reshape its roster for the coming season, the structure has taken the decision to part with several of its players, Zeddy, Duno and dinkzj, but also to create the Road To NaVi - Valorant project.

A complicated year

Natus Vincere entered the Valorant competitive scene in May 2021 with the player Cloud. A few weeks later, the structure completed its roster with dinkjz, Duno, arch and 7ssk7.

During the first Valorant Champions Tour, the team made an appearance in the Phase 3 EMEA Challengers, but was quickly eliminated early in the playoffs. At the end of the year, the team still managed to make a name for itself by finishing second in the Finest Invitational.

The structure started 2022 by replacing arch with Jady, a former player of Ninjas in Pyjamas. This new team qualified for the Challengers 1 EMEA, in which they finished in 7th/8th place. Before starting the second Challengers of the year, NaVi had to part with its new recruit. It then recruited Zeddy to finalise his team. The results were not good, as the team finished 9th/10th in the tournament.

Despite this, finishing in the TOP 10 in the VCT points ranking, Natus Vincere has secured its place in the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA. Against Guild Esports, it has proved to be effective, as can be seen from the superb ace of Cloud on Split. Unfortunately, the following matches were fatal, and the hopes of Champions were dashed with the defeat against G2 Esports.

New projects for 2023

With the end of the 2022 season, the organization recently decided to revise its roster for the next edition, with thanks to Zeddy, Duno and dinkzj notably.

For the moment, we have no information about the future players who will accompany Cloud and 7ssk7. However, Natus Vincere is already looking for replacements. Indeed, she took advantage of the recent announcement to reveal the Road to NaVi Valorant project :

Today, we are launching a very important project for the formation of the NAVI academy — ROAD TO NAVI VALORANT. Using the example of our CS:GO academy, we are confident we can equip players with qualities necessary for the club, so that they can make the main team in the future.

The Academy will allow us to discover new talents in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. We at NAVI need to develop our own scene, which is what we are setting out to do in the near future.

Amiran "friend" Rekhviashvili - Head of Esports at NaVi

Players interested in joining the team must meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least 16 and no more than 19 years old
  • Be a resident of a European country
  • Have a and page
  • Not to have any current obligations with another club

If you fit the criteria and would like to try your luck, don't hesitate! Who knows, you could become the future rising star of Valorant.