nAts and Redgar will wear Team Liquid colours in 2023

The announcement of the various franchise structures for the 2023 VCT has led to significant changes in the rosters around the world. For Team Liquidthe transfer window phase closed an important chapter: dimasick was not renewed and the brothers ScreaM and Nivera have joined the Karmine Corp. A page is being turned, but the story continues. Next year, the structure will have three new very talented players in its ranks, who are none other than nAts, Redgar and Sayf.

Team Liquid is the only organization in the EMEA region that won two Last Chance Qualifiers to participate in the Valorant Champions. In the first round, the team finished in 3/4th place, while in the second round they finished in 7/8th place. Now VCT partner for 2023, the structure is determined to prove to the world that it deserves its place at this level of the competition. This year, they are once again aiming to reach the Valorant Champions. But this time, it will be to take the trophy!

Following the departure of ScreaM, Nivera and dimasick, Team Liquid has chosen to rebuild its roster around Jamppi and soulcas, both of them were present last year. With their ambitions of winning full of head, the organisation has gone to look for three other talents from the region, well known from the Valorant scene, to complete their team. It will therefore count on nAts, Redgar and Sayf to carry its colours high and make it shine in the region and internationally.

What's better than former finalists of the Valorant Champions to claim victory? With nAts and Redgar, Team Liquid has acquired two important assets. True rising stars of the VCT 2021, they had reached the Grand Final of the Valorant Champions after a superb victory in the Masters 3 in Berlin. At that time, they were defending the colours of Gambit Esports ; an adventure that ended a little early, due to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

In the future they will use all their know-how for their new home. This was stated by nAts, asked about his choice to join Team Liquid :

Tbh one of my dreams was always to represent one of the best organizations in the world. Luckily now I get that chance and I will try to do my best.


The fifth and final man in this new team will be Sayf, a former player of Guild Esports. A regular at the VCT, he has had the opportunity to play several times against international teams during different Masters. He is a versatile and particularly efficient player. With a rating of 1.14, he is one of the best players in the EMEA region.

The upcoming matches between Team Liquid and Karmine Corp will undoubtedly provide a great spectacle. We are looking forward to seeing these two teams play in the EMEA League, but also internationally. Team Liquid will soon be able to show what it can do in the first VCT 2023 tournament: the Kickoff Tournament.