MultiVersus: Patch 1.01

The patch 1.01 of MultiVersus are available! On the agenda, an adjustment of the Assassins' liabilities, more nerves for the Iron Giant, but also and especially the arrival of Morty in the roster.

Please note that this patch only applies on the server side, which means that you will not have to download anything. On the other hand, the changes in this patch will only be valid online and not in local game or in the lab.

Character and asset changes

As with every patch, many characters are modified. This patch comes especially reduce the liabilities of murderers which caused them to take more damage than others. This passive is designed to balance out these ultra-fast characters who are able to kill easily, but it is not unanimously supported. The developers want to try to reduce it at first, without removing it for fear of making the assassins too strong.

Another point, even if Taz and Garnet are in desperate need of buffs, they represent a fairly large work site. Their modifications should be available in the next patch. This same patch will bring with it the redesign of hitboxes and hurtboxes s long-awaited launch. We will have to wait a little longer.


- Deadly Ice : Only add frost to targets that are already frozen
- I'm fine with that: Recovery time reduction from 0.5s to 0.25s


+ Passive Assassin
Bonus damage received reduced from 14% to 5%


+ Passive Assassin
Bonus damage received reduced from 14% to 5%

+ Air/Ground Special Neutral
Base damage increased from 5 to 6. (Damage increases with the attack still charged.)

+ Air/Ground Special Low
Damage increased from 18 to 20
Projection increased from 18 to 20

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant has various combos and combinations that allow him to kill a target with certainty from the moment he touches his target. It is particularly effective in combination with Vera. The Iron Giant receives nerfs while waiting for the different Trumps and Vera to be modified as well.

- Air/Ground Special Neutral
Recovery time increased from 23s to 25s

- Air Attack High
Reduction of the damage area to match the visual

- Air Sol Special Haut
Reduction of damage by 1 and reduction of the projection of the last blow

+ Air Sol Special Low
Can now cancel the attack if an enemy is hit


+ Passive Assassin
Bonus damage received reduced from 14% to 5%


~ Fixed a bug that allowed Superman to catch opponents without even touching them if they bounced off a wall


- Air/Ground Special Low
Recovery times granted by Big Head are reduced from 75% over 8 seconds to 50% over 8 seconds.

The MultiVersus 1.01 patch will be deployed following maintenance on Tuesday 23 August, from 7pm to 8pm.