Morty is available in MultiVersus

The first character from Season 1 to join MultiVersus has arrived, and it is none other than Morty ! Announced for a while, but delayed by a few weeks, Rick's grandson is available following the patch 1.01 23 August 2022. Rick should also be playable in a few weeks.

Who is Morty?

Morty in MultiVersus

Even if you are from an alternate dimension, there is little chance that you don't know Morty. He and his grandfather Rick are the main characters of the series Rick & Mortyby Dan Harmon. In this adaptation of Back to the Future, Rick takes Morty on adventures that are, to say the least, original and clearly not suitable for a child his age.

Morty is a very fearful and cowardly character, but he sometimes discovers unsuspected moments of bravery (and violence).

Morty in MultiVersus

You will need 3000 pieces to unlock Morty. Morty is categorised as a Bruiser, but by the game designer's own admission, he could just as easily be a mage. Indeed, while he has some very nice combos on his side attacks, most of his attacks are based on projectiles and projectile management.

Morty is available in MultiVersus - mandatory multiversus morty attacks 02 -

Morty has a snake gun which he can use to shoot in front of him or above him. After a while, or if the projectile hits an opponent, the projectile splits into two snakes that go off at right angles. Morty can also throwing grenades. If a grenade is on the ground, the snake fire immediately moves towards the grenades to detonate them.

Morty is available in MultiVersus - mandatory multiversus morty attacks 01 -

Among his special attacks, Morty can invoke Rick's ship to create a platform that crosses the screen from bottom to top. It can also create a dimensional portal to teleport forward. The projectiles that pass through him increase in speed. On the ground, Morty can raise a spade from the rock from the ground to injure his opponents or cut his grenades in half.

Morty is available in MultiVersus - mandatory multiversus morty attacks 03 -

Finally, Morty can also save your position at any time with his Low Special. After a few seconds or if he restarts the skill, he leaves a grenade at his new position and then teleports back to his original point. In teams, if Morty's ally is ejected when this skill is activated, the ally is saved by consuming the teleportation instead of Morty.

Morty is available in MultiVersus - mandatory multiversus morty attacks 04 -

With all these options for returning to the field, Morty is a character who may be difficult to eject. On the other hand, the management of his grenades promises to be extremely complex. We'll just have to see what synergies he has with his grandfather Rick.