mini will no longer be Fnatic's coach

TenZ, Boaster, Demon1 or more recently ZmjjKKMany players have already made their mark on the history of Valorant. Staff, miniuntil now coach of Fnatichas also made a name for himself on the FPS sports scene. After several years of loyal service to the European behemoth, he chose to leave its current position.

A magical adventure...

A former Counter Strike player, mini joined the Valorant scene very soon after the game's official release. He made his coaching debut with SUMN FC teama team that made a name for itself during the Valorant First Strike EU. mini, boaster, Doma, Mistic, Moe40 and tsack were left without a structure for a long time, but have now been recruited. par Fnaticfor the first edition of the Valorant Champions Tour.

This acquisition marked the beginning of an era of prosperity for the European organisation. With mini at the helm, Fnatic gradually became one of the most successful teams in the VCTin Europe and on the international LAN. We remember their participation in the final of the Masters 2 in Reykjavik in 2021. The following year, the coach led his players to even greater success, during the Challengers, the Masters and the Valorant Champions.

While his work is already bearing fruit, it is in 2023 that mini will shine brightest with his team's resounding success. After having won the Lock In Brazil against Loud at the beginning of the season, Fnatic completely dominated the VCT EMEA - even if it ended up losing in the Final - before going on to win the another title at the Tokyo Masters.

For his third participation Valorant Champions as coach, mini was undoubtedly hoping to win the World Champions title. Unfortunately, however, LOUD put an end to his dreams of victoryforcing it to make do with fourth place. Despite this, the result is still better than in previous years, when Fnatic finished 5/8th in the first edition and 5/6th last year.

... coming to an end

With such an impressive track record, it seemed likely that Mini would continue his career as a Head Coach. However, there was some unexpected news today. After careful consideration Jacob Harris has decided to step down from his current role at FnaticThe aim is to help you find a better balance between your professional and personal life.

As stated on the organisation's Twitter/X accountHowever, it is not impossible that he will remain within the group, as part of the coaching staff. However, nothing has been decided yet, and Mini remains open to suggestions. And according to him, requests, he's already received quite a few!

At the same time, it's not all that surprising when you consider the extent to which their human and professional qualities are highlighted by a host of players and other personalities from the Valorant scene.

Sam MathewsFnatic's CEO responded to his post by saying "You were the GOAT coach and an incredible human being. I hope to continue working with you in the future!"whileEmash indicated that it is "the best coach of all time and that b0i said that he is particularly handsome, as well as being "a good guy.

We can't wait to see where this legend will continue his career!