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Messages to confirm reports

Riot Games is consolidating Valorant reporting and banning system today. Players who report problematic behaviour will now receive messages to confirm the ban of the offending individuals. Suspended or banned players will also receive a notification when Valorant is launched.

Technically, it doesn't change anything to the functioning of the report system and the way in which problematic cases of Valorant are managed. However, this is an addition that should have positive consequences for the community.

Valorant: Banning Message

The community aspect of a game is an important point, sometimes underestimated by its players and developers. Since Valorant became available, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with certain behaviours that go against their enjoyment of the game. And when we regularly encounter leavers, cheaters, or even worse, bullies, an injustice feeling can easily arise

The messages confirming the taking of action towards players should therefore not be neglected. It allows Riot Games to show that they're taking action and considering these issues seriously, while giving players the feeling that they have helped making Valorant a healthier gaming environment. Thanks to this kind of messages, the community has, more or less subconsciously, the feeling that the game is better and the community more welcoming.

The launch of a new online game, which is moreover free, may look like the Wild West, and it's community's responsibility to be part of the server clean-up.

It's, however, a more repressive than preventive system. Since Valorant announcement, its developers have always shown a real aggressiveness towards cheaters and malicious players. There's still a system that encourages players to behave well to create, instead of dissuading misbehaviour. League of Legends has an honour system and rewards for teammates who stand out in a good way. It might be the next step for Valorant.