Mandatory x NeedforSeat

Article sponsored by Maxnomic

Mandatory is delighted to be able to tell you more about its partnership with NEEDforSEAT. This partnership has enabled us to work together to create the design of the official chair that has been equipping the various players under the Mandatory banner for several months now.

Who is NEEDforSEAT®?

Thanks to its range of Maxnomic® gamer seatsNEEDforSEAT® has earned a solid reputation among players, both amateur and professional, by offering unrivalled comfort, ergonomics and build quality. To ensure maximum comfort, four product sizes have been created to fit all body shapes, providing optimal support to enhance performance and excel in the competitive world of esports. Thanks to NEEDforSEAT®, playing comfort is no longer a luxury!

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A natural partnership

Since the creation of its French subsidiary in 2017, NEEDforSEAT® has shown great interest in developing and supporting events, influencers and structures in the gaming ecosystem. As of 2019, NEEDforSEAT wanted to get involved and take part in the projects, as crazy as they are, of Zerator and ZQSD Production. This is why NEEDforSEAT® has become one of the official partners of events such as GamePass Challenge, ZLAN and ZEvent from 2019. These successful collaborations paved the way for a solid partnership with Mandatory when our esport structure was created. An alliance that underlines their ongoing commitment to growth and innovation in the esport sector. Today, official Mandatory seats are an integral part of the equipment used by the players and staff of the Valorant and World of Warcraft teams.

The official MANDATORY gaming chair

The Mandatory x Maxnomic seat is more than just a product. It's the embodiment of the spirit and soul of our team. Its dominant colours, red and black, are a tribute to our emblematic logo. Every detail has been carefully thought out: the team logo embroidered in white on the front of the seat. To best represent the soul of the Mandatory structure, it was essential to incorporate the motto "RaiseYourHammer" on the inside of the backrest. Other details such as the red stitching that enhances the seat and the crown embroidery on the edges represent the conquering spirit of the Mandatory team. As for the outside of the backrest, what better way to dress it up than with our emblematic hammer? More than a classic gamer chair, it's a true symbol of belonging for all those who identify with the values and spirit of the Mandatory team.

Crucially, the seat benefits from all the technology and expertise of NEEDforSEAT®, offering Mandatory players the ultimate gaming experience in terms of comfort and support. Capable of supporting up to 150kg, they are also equipped with premium 4D armrests, a lumbar cushion, a head cushion and high-quality PU leather, representing the perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality, enough to satisfy even the most demanding gamers!