Mandatory Will Face Zerance in the Split 2 semi-final - VCL France 2023

After a break of several weeks, the competition has finally resumed in the VCL France 2023. Second in the regular season, Mandatory directly qualified for the Split 2 semi-finals. We've been eagerly awaiting the identity of our future opponents... and now the wait is over! To secure a place in the final and aim to qualify for the Ascension, we will face Babax and his teammates from the Zerance.

Joblife loses out to Zerance

The Split 2 quarter-finals took place on Wednesday 7th June. During the day, Babax, bramz, lux9, DarkLight and Veqaj took on Joblife for a place in the semi-finals.

The ten players first battled it out on Split, a map that was won by Zerance 13-7. Nayte and his Jett made a major contribution to Joblife's victory over Pearl. We salute his performance, as he finished the map with an ACS of 426 and 27 eliminations for just 10 deaths. Everything came down to Fracture, the third and final map of the match. Despite a heavy defeat, 4 to 13, Bramz and his teammates held their heads high to win once again. The latter even set the tone from the very first pistol-round, with a superb quadrakill.

This match was played in BO3, so Zerance won. The team thus qualified for the rest of the playoffs and will shortly be taking on Mandatory to try to reach the Split 2 final. Our players are highly motivated and will be giving everything they've got to stay in the competition. The match promises to be electric. See you there Friday at 5pm, on ZeratoR's Twitch channel, to raise your arms and bring all your energy!

Wylde joins Gentle Mates in the semi-finals

The day's other quarter-final pitted Wylde against Valiant. Although the final score, 2-0, might suggest a rushed BO3, it was nothing of the sort. It took no less than an hour and ten minutes, and a total of thirty rounds, to decide between the two teams on Pearl. The first map ended 16-14 in Wylde's favour. Galvanised by their victory, the Wyldes then showed themselves to be uncompromising on Ascent. They even won six successive sets in the first half, before going on to win 13-6.

Victorious, hiro, hype, Sevire, MAGiK and FoxieGG have also booked their place in the semi-finals. If they are to lift the Split 2 trophy, they will first have to reach the final. That's easier said than done, as they will have to defeat Gentle Mates, the best team of the regular season. That match is scheduled for today, Thursday 8th June. To find out the outcome live, go to the Twitch channel Valorant France from 5pm.