Mandatory.GG is one year old!

Time flies. On 24th April 2020, we launched Mandatory.GG , the 100% Valorant website. Our goal was to provide not only news, but also guides and tools so that players could improve their skills on the new FPS from Riot Games.

And here we are, on 24th April 2021, ready to blow out our first candle. Mandatory.GG is one year old! It's time to look back on the evolution of Mandatory and to share with you some of our upcoming projects.

Let's review

Let's start with some numbers! Mandatory, it's 500 articles published (this one is indeed the 500th!), including 50 guides adapted to all levels of play. In total, it's more than 2,2 millions page views ! Thanks to all of you who have visited the site!

But following Valorant is not enough for us. We want to participate in the development of esports on Valorant. That's why, in the space of a year, we had the player to organise no less than 9 tournaments ! From community tournaments like the Mandatory Lockdown to official tournaments like the Mandatory Cup x Ignition Series, by way of the French Tap and the Grand Invitational. Each of these experiences allowed us to learn a lot, but above all to be in direct contact with the players, French and international.

Some things have worked, others still need some work. We haven't necessarily had time to develop everything we had in mind, but we're already happy with how far we've come in just one short year.

A year is worth celebrating!

While we still have many projects in mind, we couldn't celebrate this first year without bringing you a little something! That's why we're very happy to present you our new mapping tool !

The tool we developed at the launch of Valorant was... functional, but not very user-friendly. We think there's a real interest for players and analysts to be able to create and share strategic plans easily and quickly. Our new mapping tool allows you to place the Agents you want on the map, but also their abilities. Placing an ability allows you to instantly see the range of action of that ability.

You can see an interactive example below, or access all the maps (including Breeze!) on the Valorant mapping page.

(Note: In this example, you can resize the icons. This is not the case with the full tool available with the link above.)

Feel free to use it with your friends, allies or simply to better visualise the best strategic setup!

We also have started to update the page of the pro-tips and line-ups. More on this below. However, you should be able to find new videos on Breeze very soon, with most of the relevant Agents.

And now?

A lot will happen in the coming year and our programme is already full! We will of course continue to follow Valorant news and the major official VCT competitions. But as you have probably already seen, we have the honour to co-organise the official French circuit: the Valorant Open Tour France. We want to put a big spotlight on the French speaking Valorant scene. Our beautiful country is full of talent, as shown by the large number of French people in the different organisations participating in the VCT. But there are also many excellent players, at a slightly lower level, who deserve to be highlighted.

We also want to go further in the pedagogy related to Valorant. Our current tools will be updated to be more practical and functional. In the case of line-ups and pro-skills, several hundred videos will be added. But that's not all, you should soon be able to submit your own videos ! After inspection by us, they will be added to the listing on our page. The mapping tool will also be updated to make it even more complete.

Another important point is that we want to be more in direct contact with you. This is done through our social networks and our Discord, which we invite you to join. We will be preparing various events in connection with our Discord, the first of which will take place next week.

Finally, and this is probably the biggest piece: we are preparing a complete redesign of the Mandatory.GG website ! The current site was launched in a hurry, almost on a whim, following the surprise release of Valorant. If it has fulfilled its role, it's far from being up to the level of all the projects we have in mind. So expect to see a much clearer and easier to use Mandatory V2 site in the coming year, but above all, one that is packed with new and useful tools for the community! Once again, we invite you to join our Twitter and our Discord to give us your feedback and suggestions.

We would like to thank all those who came to visit Mandatory, as well as all those who trusted us in the organisation of our tournaments. Thank you to the readers, to the players, and to all those who support us in our project.

Let's go for another year!