VALORANT Cup: Teams to keep a close eye on

The Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup starts tomorrow! We're are especially excited to see each of the teams participate in our tournament. As a reminder, we have decided that there will be no qualifiers and that all the teams will be in the same boat. The mix between professional and amateur players allows everyone to have their chance throughout the bracket, that will be published tomorrow.

Our tournament comes at a particularly exciting time in terms of esports! If G2 Esports has dominated the Ignition Series since their launch, we can tell that things are changing with their rivals. Fish123 is on a whole new dynamic and intends to win a second Mandatory Cup. Ninjas in Pyjamas have a whole new line-up they can't wait to put to the test. Smaller teams like Need More DM have prepared new innovative strategies in an attempt to surprise their opponents.

To help you set the biggest profiles of the tournament, we have prepared a non-exhaustive list of the teams that are best to keep an eye on during the competition.

G2 Esports

Logo : G2 Esports

Players of G2 Esports are on an impressive winning streak. Since Mixwell took the helm and recruited Patitek, Pyth and Ardiis, nothing seems to be able to stop them. Their substitute, Davidp, is also particularly strong. This Belgian player has finished the WePlay! Invitational with the best KDA of the competition, even though he's not tenured.

G2 therefore has every reason to be confident for this tournament, but the risk is precisely to be too confident. Valorant is still young and the players are far from having shown their full potential. Being the target to take down isn't necessarily a very enviable position and can add real pressure on the shoulders of the European champions.


Logo : Fish123

They won the first Mandatory Cup in May. Their team spirit was foolproof and everyone praised their performances. Since then, Fish123 lost Ardiis, who passed into the hands of G2. This departure forced the team ofec1s to review all their strategies and redefine roles. Since ScreaM joined them, Fish123 has been training a lot in order to integrate him as well as possible and to find a new play style.

The team works at a different pace, but always with unparalleled professionalism and precision. Defeat is unthinkable in Fish123's mind. The team got back on track and once again have excellent results. It intends to show the world that if its methods have changed, it's no less formidable.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Logo : Ninjas in Pyjamas

The Ninjas in Pyjamas had many disappointments at Valorant launch, which forced them to create a new team. The organisation had its heart set on the French trio HyP, Fearoth and Crea from HypHypHyp team, who joined Luckerrr and Rhyme.

The line-up is still taking its marks and has been very busy with the various tournaments, which made it difficult for it to train properly in its early days. The Mandatory.GG Cup will be the first opportunity to see the fruit of their hard work. They are each very strong individually, it only remains to see what they have in store for us, as a team.

Need more DM

Logo : Need more DM

These outsiders have made a name for themselves by the sweat of their brows. Need more DM players have been battling the European Tour for months now and are starting to get notices. When they're not invited to tournaments like big organisations, that doesn't prevent them from qualifying by crushing all their competitors.

This Hungarian team is supported by a very active fan community. The players absolutely don't want to disappoint them and they intend to prove their worth during this Mandatory.GG Cup. Their goal is clear: to play against G2 or NiP to show esports organisations they can be counted on in the future. And they prepared strategies just for them...

Party Parrots & FABRIKEN

Logo : PartyParrots
Logo: Fabriken

These two outsider teams have not been unworthy throughout the Ignition Series. This will unfortunately be their last tournament. Party Parrots and FABRIKEN have announced the disband of their respective teams. In the case of FABRIKEN, some players have received offers to join other teams.

We can nevertheless count on them to give themselves fully. If the teams are to disappear, they might as well do it with panache! We can't wait to see how they plan to celebrate their departures.


Logo: BONK

Since Bonkar left the first line-up of Ninjas in Pyjamas, he set up his own team. He doesn't need an organisation to be talented and his team proves it regularly in the various tournaments they participate in. Failing to win, they put a very serious spoke in the wheels of those who stand in their way.


Logo : nolpenki

Nolpenki is a Lithuanian team which, if it doesn't yet have the level of the current tenors of Valorant, has a lot of potential. It has tickled the big European organisations more than once and hurt most of the amateur teams in the region. These five players could really create a sensation.

All the other teams

As reminded earlier, we thought the Mandatory.Cup as an open place where all players have their chance. The first phases of the tournament take place in a BO1 and it's not impossible for a favourite team to be surprised by unknown and impetuous players.

Whatever happens, we know that each of the participating teams is able to show us an exceptional level of play. There will be no lack of show for sure, and we can't wait to see how the matches go.

The Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup starts Friday at 8pm ! You can follow it in French and in English.