malibu de noot-noot banned for life from Valorant tournaments

After several months of investigation, Riot Games has announced its verdict on the Madelyn case. malibu Campos, former member of the noot-noot team. For various reasons, it was decided that the player would receive a permanent ban on all competitions approved by the studio. His team-mate James summertime Edwards, meanwhile, is out of the tournament for for one year.

At the end of the year, the Game Changers America circuit was in the news again and again. This was due to a case of cheating which affected several structures, notably DSG, and which was widely reported in the media. called into question the integrity of the competition. During the third tournament of the season, the noot-noot team found itself in the spotlight when doubts surrounding the malibu player circulated on the web. Riot Games quickly took control of the situation, and the team was disqualified.

At the time, the group simply concluded that noot-noot had not complied with the Games Changers regulations, but did not provide any further details of the facts of which it was accused. Today, however, Riot Games has its say on the matter.

The company explains that in the run-up to the tournament, malibu received several sanctions from the Anti-Cheat team, and was even given a hardware ban.. As a result, she was unable to participate in the tournament unless she used another computer and a third party's account, which she did. Furthermore, malibu, aided by summertime, intentionally provided false information about its identity and a photo generated by AIin order to bypass the verification system. This is obviously a direct violation of the competition rules.

At the end of the survey, malibu banned from Valorant competitions for life - at least all those authorised by Riot - and summertime, who actively assisted her comrade in her misdeed, received a one-year ban.

It's good to see that Riot Games has taken this matter very seriously, and that the culprits have been punished. Nonetheless, the firm will also have to redesign its verification system or add other methods to the processSo that this kind of problem doesn't mar the already fragile Game Changers.

The risk is that, as DSGOther organisations with the funds and reputation to run a Valorant team, have decided to withdraw from the circuit or are reluctant to do so in the future because of a lack of confidence. But these are the clubs that manage to gather fans and, in fineto generate views. Without this important support, the future of the circuit is in doubt.

As you know, Games Changers are a major initiative in esport ValorantIt would be a shame to see this ecosystem disappear.