The Magepunk 3.0 collection is coming to Valorant

Among the countless collections of skins available in Valorant, some are more appreciated by the players. This is notably the case of the Reaver, RGX or even Magepunk. While not all weapons are usually given the skin of a specific collection, the most popular skins are often extended to other rifles and pistols in the game through new versions. This time around, it's the superb Magepunk collection that is making a comeback via the 3.0 collection !

Bluish flashes, a coppery look and a mix of wood and metal, that's how we could sum up the Magepunk collection. And it's not new... since the first edition dates back to patch 2.06, deployed in March 2021. At the time, the bundle included a skin for the Ghost, the Spectre, the Bucky, the Marshal and of course the melee weapon. Oh, how beautiful was that Electroblade...

Six months later, with patch 3.10, the designers revealed new Magepunk skins, in the same spirit as the original collection. Players could then acquire a stylized covering for the Sheriff, the Guardian, the Operator (Yes, it was superb!) and the Ares. This time, the Electroblade has been replaced by the Shock Gauntlet, much to the delight of melee skins collectors.

The Magepunk 2.0 skins collection in Valorant.

And let them rejoice even more, because the Magepunk 3.0 collection also brings a brand new melee weapon... And not the least, since it seems that it is a butterfly knife! In addition to this blade, the bundle includes the much anticipated skins for the Vandal and Phantom.

While the Valorant press release does not give any details about possible variants, it can be assumed that, in exchange for a few Radianite Points, you will be able to choose between different colours. At least, this was the case for the previous collections. In addition, we hope to find the finisher which reduces opponents to ashes in a flash.

However, this 3.0 bundle will come at a cost. Based on the prices of past bundles, this should cost you 7100 Valorant Points. Also, each element will most likely be available for purchase separately, and their price should be around 1775 VP. However, you will have to wait a little longer to buy these new electric-looking skins... See you on 29th May in the shop.