M3C and Gambit Esports, the end of an adventure

Due to the situation in Ukraine, Gambit Esports had allowed its roster to participate in the VCT 2022 as anindependent team. The latter continued in the competition under the name M3C, for M3Champions. The link between the team and the Russian structure is now over, as the players have recently announced that they are looking for a new organisation.

A story ends...

During the Valorant Champions Tour 2021, Gambit Esports has emerged as one of the top teams in the EMEA region. During the first phase of the VCT, the team finished in 1/4 position of the CIS 1 and 2 Challengers, before winning the CIS Masters.

The roster continued to grow, winning the Phase 3 EMEA Challengers. Gambit Esports' supremacy in this latest phase culminated in the Berlin Masters 3. After ten days of competition, the team won the Final against Team Envy.

Gambit Esport won the Berlin Masters 3

Thanks to their very good performance, the players had qualified for the Valorant Champions, where they reached the Final. Unfortunately for them, Acend was the strongest that night.

The second edition of the VCT 2022 is not going so well for the roster. Initially qualifying under the Russian flag, the team was forced to go independent and renamed itself M3Champions. Despite qualifying and competing in the various EMEA Challengers, the results were not enough to earn a place at the Masters. Today, she competes in the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA.

... but a new chapter begins!

If the link between the two entities still persisted until now, it is now over. In a recent TwitLonger, nAts, one of the players, spoke about the situation of the M3C roster. In this statement he explains that he, Redgar, Sheydos and Chronicle are now released from their contracts. This end of contract does not only affect the players, as coaches and the manager of the team, namely Engh, Gray and Kayos, are also concerned.

In his statement, the former Gambit Esports player did not fail to thank the structure for all the support it has given them in 2021:

A special big thanks to GambitEsports for contributing so much effort to each of us. It was a great honor to be a part of such an amazing organization. No doubt, it was nice to be part of a solid team sharing together victories and defeats. Huge thank you.

nAts - M3C Players - Via TwitLonger

With purp0 in sixth man, M3C are looking to win their place in the Valorant Champions via the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA. The team won its first match against Acend, and thus continues in the upper bracket. They will soon face OG LDN UTD.

If you wish to follow this meeting, please visit VALORANT's Twitch channel, on Wednesday 10th August from 4pm CEST.