LOUD wins the Valorant Champions 2022

It was an action-packed and emotional final and a great demonstration of the depth of Valorant. After a hard-fought BO5, LOUD won the Valorant Champions 2022.

The final was against Optic Gaming whom they had already met in the winner's bracket final and won 2-0. So LOUD was heavily favoured, even though the grand final was in fact considerably closer.

After 4 maps, all 5 players LOUD; aspas, Less, pandaca, saadhak and Sacys, thus succeed to ACEND by becoming the new champions.

LOUD 15 - 13 Optic Gaming

The first map was played on Ascent. Leaving aside the first two rounds, Optic Gaming's dominance on defence was unmistakable. The American team was very effective in slowing down Loud's game by all possible means (one-way, turrets, doors, etc), in order to let Marved and Victor come up behind their backs and eliminate them.

As much as the first half of the map was slow, the second half was hectic. Both teams were fighting on both points simultaneously. We can't count the number of rounds where there were attacks, a spike and a retake with 9 deaths in less than 50 seconds. But in the end, it was Loud who won and managed to come back to the score to force the overtime.

As they did in the previous rounds, Less and Sacy succeed in giving the necessary impulse to turn the score around for good. Loud finally wins the first map.

LOUD 6 - 13 Optic Gaming

On Bind, Optic's dominance could once again not be questioned on the first side. Winning 10 of his rounds on the attack, alternating between different attacking styles, Optic seemed to have an easy win. But this was without counting on another unexpected comeback by Loud, who was able to win both the pistol round and the bonus round. Aspas in particular, miraculously survives several bullets in the back to make a superb clutch a few seconds later.

It took a tactical break for Optic Gaming to get back into the game. Shots were flying all over the place, but the American players finally managed to win the rounds they needed to secure their first point in this BO5.

LOUD 16 - 14 Optic Gaming

A new map, Breeze, and a new domination at the beginning of the game from Optic Gaming who wins the first 5 rounds. But this time, Loud reacts much faster than on the previous maps. The sniper's skill of aspas, daring offensives and the bypassing of pANcada allow Loud to finish the attack side on a par with Optic.

The second part of the map was much tighter. The teams were going head to head. On the Optic side, yay on his Chamber was wreaking havoc, while that aspas continued to carry Loud, supported by Sacy. The two teams then went into over time once again.

Once again, the points were exchanged. Optic takes the lead at the start, yet the two teams balance each other out until Loud manages to confirm their second point in this BO5.

LOUD 13 - 5 Optic Gaming

This time, Loud was determined not to let Optic get ahead. The Brazilians' teamwork was a steamroller in the retakes against Optic. The players were coordinated and rigorous, leaving their opponents no chance.

Optic's little surge was not enough. LOUD was able to maintain its lead in the game. Less and pANcada in particular were decisive throughout the game. The Brazilian players then won 8 rounds in a row, concluding Haven and making them the second Valorant world champions.

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