LOUD qualifies for Lock//In final after defeating DRX

The final of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo is fast approaching and we finally know one of the challengers for the title. The current World Champions will face off in a fiery atmosphere, LOUD won at home against DRX in an extremely tense BO5.

LOUD dominates the first maps

As tournament favourites, Loud's players quickly took control of the match. In the first two maps played, the Brazilian team proved to be as effective in defence as in attack. Their defensive strategy based on the retake on Pearl had the better of DRX. Once on Icebox, the aggressiveness of aspas and map control of Less made the difference. The first two rounds were won by LOUD with scores of 13-5 and 13-8. These scores suggested a quick victory in this semi-final.

DRX's counter-attack

However, this South American domination did not last. DRX put up a strong enough defence to resist LOUD's impetuosity. Despite the effusive KDA of aspas in 23/13/3, the Brazilians were in real trouble for the first time in this tournament. DRX won their first point in this BO5 with a score of 13-7.

This time on Fracture, the South American players again saw their tactics break down against the Asian's Defence, but also Attack. After a balanced first part of the game, the LOUD players were dominated by the new Korean strategy. By slowing down their game, DRX managed to adapt to LOUD's rhythm, which allowed them to inflict a very hard 13-7 and win the fourth map of the match.

The resurrection of LOUD

Following this equalization, DRX seems well on their way to achieving a reverse-sweep. But the LOUD players had not said their last word, LOUD ended the Attack side with a slight lead, 7-5. This time on Defence, LOUD players realised that they were better off playing like Attack. They decided to play retakes rather than defend the sites at all costs. A strategy that paid off and allowed them to run up the score. In a last ditch effort, they decide to be the aggressors by breaking through the enemy lines. DRX were cornered in their spawn and were unable to turn this final round around. LOUD then wins by 13-8 and qualifies for the LOCK//IN final.

To the cheers and applause of their supporters, LOUD finally won against DRX after five impressive and intense games. Finalist of the LOCK//IN, LOUD will face the winner of the match between Fnatic and NaVi this Saturday 4th March at 6pm.