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A lot of twists and turns at G2 Esports

Recently, European behemoth G2 Esports announced the departure of Cista " keloqz " Wassim and the return of Oscar " m1xwell " Colocho. In addition, keloqz has found a new team and joins Team Heretics.

The return of m1xwell

Since the end of the 2021 season, the G2 Esports roster has undergone many changes. The team has welcomed hoody, pipsoN and Meddo benched the French player Keloqz. These changes were not very successful. The team failed to make it to the top of the European teams in the first VCT EMEA Challengers 1 qualifier.

In January, m1xwell gave up his captaincy to Keloqz. With this change, the roster proved to be decisive. He won his place in the VCT after the second qualifying round. Unfortunately for Keloqz, the organisation made a new decision: to send him back to the bench to allow m1xwell to take over to allow m1xwell to take over his position.

The roster will be able to show what they can do in the next game. Depending on the announcements from Riot Games, the players will first meet Acend or BBL Esports. The game against BBL Esports, scheduled for last week, has been postponed due to the current situation in Ukraine.

Team Heretics gets keloqz

At the beginning of Valorant, Team Heretics was among the best European rosters, if not the best, as it won the Valorant First Strike Europe. Also, the team came second in the European Masters during phase 1 of the VCT 2021.

Following this period of good times, the roster underwent some changes and subsequently failed to maintain its top level. More recently, Heretics entered the Spanish regional league, the VRL Spain: Rising. Here again, the results are not there. So far, in 6 matches, they have only managed to win one match, against Movistar Riders.

With the bench of the French star, the structure saw an opportunity to strengthen its roster and to get back on track. Keloqz was not left without a home for long, as 2 days after the announcement of his bench, he joined Team Heretics as the 6th man.

Knowing that Keloqz and Popifresh are outstanding duelists who specialise in Jett, one question remains: who on the team will keep the knife agent in hand?